Bluetooth 4.0 - low latency input / output?

Hi there, the iPhone 4s (and presumably the 5) has Bluetooth 4.0. I understand bluetooth 4.0 to be low latency; possibly good enough to use in a signal path for live effects processing.

If audio bus supported bluetooth (4.0) audio input and output - I think it would blow wide open the impressive array of possibilities it already has.

Essentially, it would mean that musicians could use iOS devices just to process audio with effects, without having to resort to the iOS Digital to Analog (output) chain. As a guitar / bass player, I'm attracted to so many of the effects apps. But it's really not desirable to consider a live gig application where I actually run my signal path through the iPad or iPhone. The iOS built in Digital to Analog conversion is surprisingly sub-standard when it comes to conceiving this type of professional use.

Imagine a floor pedal unit, that sent a converted analog signal via bluetooth to an iOS device for live processing - and then receives the resultant (processed) signal also via bluetooth and converts back to analog. (giving away my cool idea here)

Love to hear your thoughts.

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