Tempo sync hints and tips


As far as I know we can't do midi sync from an audiobus recording app

But has anyone got any tips for tempo syncing apps? Other than set the tempo to the same value. I worked that one out all by myself



  • Loopy can get other Audiobus apps to accept its Midi clock if those apps offer such functionality. For example, it can control the tempo of Funkbox.

  • I know the funk box/loopy tip, but would love to know if there are any tips for syncing with synths and ikaosscillator

  • Have you tried Midi Bridge?

  • I have not tried midi bridge, will give it a go

  • Have a look at my post re magellan - I have tried midi bridge as a controller remapper getting midi monitor app transmitting a midi cc and midi bridge translating to midi cc 111 to start ipolysix and ims20 sequencers simultaneously. Still tring to find a better solution touchosc is my next step to see if I can setup a multiple start.

    Musicstudio transmits a start / stop midi cc as cc120 but does not give a value to it which korgs apps need.

    If anyone knows of a sequencer app that transmits a midi cc start stop command with a value then let me know.

  • @Tlgdmb123 You might want to check out Beat Surfing as an alternative to TouchOSC. It has a great many options for having custom buttons, sliders, ect send custom midi events.

    Not sure if it will do what you want but it might be worth a look.

  • @TIgdmb123 You think it would be possible to make a video showing the Midi Monitor - Midi Bridge - Synth apps midi sync workflow? That would be so great!
    If you know of a video post already made please less know

  • Genome is very good and super simple and because nearly all the apps it supports are audiobus comp this would seem to be a good fix at least for the tempo syncing...I have not got this app so dont know how it would work in Audiobus but I guess it would as a controller...check out Genome on YT

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    I'm no expert at virtual midi or midi in general but Midibridge helped me out. Makes it easier to organize your connections so you can focus on playing music.

    Genome looks pretty cool.

  • When I don't use a daw with Midi Clock like BM2 or Loopy.....I use FunkBox for send Sync to all other because is rock solid.

  • Funkbox is just all around wonderful. Still the best OMAC implementation out there.

  • I'm curious if anyone knows if you can use midi bridge to get ikaos to sync start/stop with any other app. Bm2 , cubasis, loopy, whatever. I'd buy it in an instant if the answer was yes. I haven't really found a reason to purchase midi bridge yet since I seem toe able to make most of the midi connections I want (eventually) in the respective apps already. If this gives me control I don't have already then I'd jump all over it.

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