Tempo set by Audiobus app

Wouldn't it be more convenient, if we could set the tempo from the Audiobus app? As of now one of the other apps like Funkbox would provide the tempo and the others are listening. But what if I want to switch Funkbox out for another app ?


  • It kind of depends on if people want to adjust it during the performance. If so... BPM should be changeable from wherever it needs to be changed. Hmmm...

  • You can leave funkbox in and set it to play an empty pattern. Cheap and easy, like my mother.

  • Hello all,

    Since this is my first post here, I will pile on my compliments and gratitude onto the heaps already out there (to be fair, I have been singing many praises on Facebook though!). Thank you for the amazing application.

    In my humble opinion, it would be nice if Audiobus had a very basic BPM clock built in - I think if it could send MIDI out to apps, that would be delicious. That way there would be no muss, no fuss - start jamming, figure out where you want your song to be BPM wise, set it in audiobus, and begin recording. I know there are ways to sync up apps using virtual MIDI, but having it right in Audiobus would ultra-simplify the process a lot.

    Take care all, see you 'round!

  • Well... uhm... yep. :)

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