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External HD for iPad

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Does anyone use an external HD regularly with their iPad either wireless or hard wired? What are you thoughts? Pros and Cons? Thanks!



  • Wireless via an iUSBPort. Use either AudioShare web browser or GoodReader server share to access it.

  • Pros & Cons depend upon what you hope to achieve.

  • Be interested to hear people's views & experiences on any devices they are someone forever filling up the storage on my iPad......need something to store & ideally, wirelessly transfer, tracks, project files etc etc etc.

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    This option is much cheaper than the iusbport, but similar idea.

    HooToo® TripMate Nano Wireless N Pocket Travel Router

    $18 in US today.

    No battery, so it has to be plugged into the wall or an external battery pack. It seems to work fine in Goodreader and filebrowser.

    I think if I had realized how easy this is to use, I may have opted for a 32Gb iPad instead of a 64GB

  • Hey, @Hmtx, that's a cool little device. Can't get all the info I want from the description there on amazon. Can this thing act as an extender too? It sounds like it can. And I can't really tell if it has any on board storage really. Can you enlighten me a little? It looks awesome and I am almost ready to buy it without even knowing these answers. Thanks dude.

  • Just ordered mine from the German store. Yes it can act as a repeater but no onboard storage.

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    Correct, it has no on-board storage, just a full size USB input. So if you want to use it with an external hard drive it should work, or if you want to buy a tiny flash drive to keep the total package small, that would work.

    Something like this sanDisk barely sticks out and with the router total cost is close to $50

    SanDisk Cruzer Fit CZ33 USB Flash Drive

  • That's what I'm talking about! Totally gnarly. Thanks @Hmtx

  • I think it would be neat if Patrick @SecretBaseDesigns could whip up a cool app that could Bluetooth zap any file over to our external hard drive. Ex: send several tracks at once from a Cubasis project over all intact and named correctly, or the mix-down of the tracks; just push the "Apollo" button and it's zapped over!

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    Oops! Double post :-(

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    @TGiG said:

    That's what I'm talking about!

    No worries, check out the other TripMate models if you need one with a battery. I already have a USB battery pack, so I can plug into it if I'm off the grid. And I couldn't pass up the $18 price tag :-)

  • why not just use dropbox instead?

  • @Coloobar said:

    why not just use dropbox instead?

    You have to be online for DB .. This creates a local wifi network to stream / move from a HD (no interwebs needed). That and the restriction in free Gb (for new at least). I can have 1tb of samples/movies etc on an external HD :)

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    I'm looking for a mobile storage/router solution. Let me know how these hubs are functioning with music apps like Auria, TwistedWave, Rode Rec, etc.

  • Can you guys with external drives explain how you use it in your music making workflow? Rim @ auria says supporting these is on his list. At that point, I'll be all over it. At this point, I'm at a bit of a loss to see how it will help other than being able to browse really large sample libraries and pulling items over one at a time. Even with that, can you spell out how you go from drive to transfer app to audio app?

  • Beware, the HooToo only supports NTFS, FAT32, FAT16.

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    @syrupcore said:

    Can you guys with external drives explain how you use it in your music making workflow?

    sure! Here's my planned work flow:

    1. back up music projects
    2. suffer inevitable data loss (fatal drop, theft, phone in toilet, etc)
    3. recover music projects

    iTunes is a pain. I'm sure most of us can't be bothered to use it for backing up. Other backup options are cloud-based, so this provides a non-internet dependent option.

    edit: Reality is, there isn't really an easy way to back up if you don't want to do cloud based. If more music apps allowed "open in" it might be easier to carry out my workflow plan.

    For now, the external HD primarily allows me to shuffle media(non music production files) off the device so I have room to keep music projects on the device.

  • I think I'll mainly use it for storing my mp3 collection and all PDFs of sheet music. Maybe some videos too. And samples....

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    Just bought a Hootoo (the one with power) cause of this thread, thanks! :)

    Been eyeing similar for a while but this one is the nicest implementation I've seen for that kind of price.

    I'm going to be using it for media just as much as music

    Shunting data when I don't have my laptop (sample libraries in / out of apps like Audioshare / iMPC Pro / NXT). Audioshare has a browser open - so you can pull from there, but more likely I'll go through Goodreader with "open in".

    Streaming or copying Movies / TV shows without needing them to be on iDevice constantly. I use OPlayer which can see the Samba server

    Letting myself, wife (with daughter in tow) have any film or music available when we're 100 miles from home and my daughter NEEDS to listen to the Frozen soundtrack ;)

    Plus all the battery, wifi bridge & extender stuff when needed :)

  • I just have an external HD connected to my Macbook wifi broadcasting a private network set with file sharing.

    I haven't worked out how I can get that to work via internet yet but so far it's been a great way to move files on and off of my main hard drive (containing all my audio files).

    On the iPad side, I use Goodreader and Audioshare for file management.

  • Speaking of ' on the iPad side ' am I right in thinking that both the Goodreader & ifiles apps are able to transfer Cubasis & MTDaw project files ? Sorry if that's a nooby type question but am searching for an iTunes alternative & have yet to use either so want to be sure prior to spilling the squids !

  • Thanks all. Sort of what I was thinking—storage for samples and large non-music production related files. I would want to be able to move music app projects on and off one if I bought it. Like Auria, Loopy or Nanostudio projects.

    Wish I was a more talented nerd. I'd write a library to make doing this easy so that it would increase the chances of all of my favorite apps implementing it! Without one, it's up to each developer to recreate the wheel.

  • Thought I'd add my two cents to this topic. I bought a HooToo TripMate HT-TM01, the model with a 6k mAh battery. Last night and this morning I did some tests and it works great, most importantly with Audioshare via the embedded web browser (you don't have to use HootToo's iOS app or Safari). Navigating with a folder tree in Audioshare's web browser can be tricky because Audioshare's web browser has a fixed narrow size but it works like a charm. I successfully downloaded a wav loop from a USB stick into Audioshare for use on my iPad.

    The device is small. Not lightweight but not heavy. Easy to administer and access. It also works as a bridge or repeater for wifi networks. What I'm uncertain about is whether the NAS functionality is disabled when in bridge or repeater mode. Also, have not tried it out with a hard disk but I'm not expecting any trouble there. I have a 160g portable USB hard drive that has gone unused for some time; it'll be the perfect warehouse for my entire collection of loops and samples. Perhaps even photos, films.

    Highly recommended.

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    I have the one without battery, it's called trip mate nano. It's a tiny little thing and only cost €20 on Amazon. Works great!

  • All these work-arounds while are ingenious, and thanks to all for your suggestions, I'm in no doubt that I'll be trying some, they really just show the limitations of the format we use, hopefully and maybe of there own accord Apple will correct this, STORAGE problem, to make the iPad a professional machine.

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    I'm pretty new to iOS and iPads and the 16GB storage is worrisome....actually, having about 30 music apps with samples etc, I am down to 5.6GB free storage, so this wireless storage option sounds good.
    (I already have a 32 GB microSD, so need a reader only).

    How does it work? I have Audio Share, and from my computer I put on my SDcard folders with samples...

    How do I SEE them/retrieve them? Do I see on ipad what's on the SD via some program?

    Edit: From RavPower 6in1: - Due to the limitation of Apple iOS system, you can not open any folder in your iPad except iPad Photo, so you cannot copy folders out to your external storage devices.

    How about wav files?

  • I've never used it but the Camera Connection Kit comes with a card reader so that you can transfer photos to and from your device. Is the photos app the only app that can read those cards? Are jpegs the only format allowed? External hard drives are cool and all but I'd much rather use cheap, extremely portable high-capacity cards. cc/ @j_liljedahl ?

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    just did a search - don't think you can transfer files other than pics or video

    but maybe somebody could test to be sure.?

  • Via CCK yes I believe it's only pictures and video, via NAS with apps like FileBrowser you can transfer anything, but then it's within that app, you then have to copy it to other apps, via 'open in' if it's supported. Maybe nice if other apps incorporated SAMBA or other protocols, this could be a stop gap measure with storage.

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