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Knavery / 4 x Spider

4 tracks of @Spidericemidas presets in this 4th entry focusing on Waldorf Nave. Almost missed this synth cause it’s interapp... but a little freezing goes a long way. It’s really a beauty.

Plus Pipa, iFretless Bass, Module Strings and BeatHawk Percussion.


  • Yeah, IAA is not really a bother. I do the same freezing thing with Mitosynth in Cubasis. I like that way of working. It feels closer to the ‘old ways’ of doing things, recording, removing and plugging the same instrument into the different track inputs and overdubbing on 4-track tape recorders, but much easier with the visual timeline of Cubasis.

    A nice medieval vibe. I feel like popping outside for a quick joust followed by a celebratory drink from a ridiculously oversized goblet (we have a number of cool castles around this area which used to host medieval reenactments. Good days out!)

    Really looking forward to the finished Nave album. 😃

  • I hope to complete the album in a week @Spidericemidas. I just watched a great documentary on Zappa called... ZAPPA (what else). He released 62 albums and another 54 were added posthumously.
    Nave will be my 30th. Something to shoot for!

  • What a cool melodic tale here... it builds on itself so nicely (twice).

  • Awesome track, Mike! Good to see you banging the ol' Nave.
    You always conjure some amazing scales. I'm a noob with these stuff, but I can totally feel the adventurous journeys you take us with your scales and beautiful musicianship

  • Very nice your sophisticated progrock tune!!👏🏽👏🏻👏🏼

  • @McD @senhorlampada @Satie , thanks guys. Glad you liked it!

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