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Charity music compilation on bandcamp for India relief

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This is making the rounds, for a good cause that needs all the help it can get right now:

Here’s the compilation description from there:

With the catastrophic second wave of COVID-19, INDIA is in crisis. There is an acute shortage of oxygen tanks, ventilators & beds - with even the biggest hospitals sending out SOS requests for help. As of 26th April 2021, there were over 17 million cases - over 300,000 reported in a single day. Our healthcare infrastructure is crippled - the system is broken! It’s now up to each of us to do our bit and help.
As artists sitting at home, perhaps the best help we can offer is via our music.

This compilation is our effort to raise funds for the Hemkunt Foundation, an NGO doing on-ground COVID-19 relief work and supplying oxygen to critical patients. We are deeply grateful for their fearless service to our communities.

You can also donate directly to the organisation via

Our compilation features unreleased music from some of the finest electronic music producers from India, and is available via Bandcamp exclusively. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Hemkunt Foundation.


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    Couldn’t figure out how to direct link without the embed, but just click on the very top of that embed where it’s the album’s name (S O S...), the buy link is also in the embed.

  • First person to reply to this, I’ll gift the album. Make sure you also DM your email address

  • @Pandan said:
    First person to reply to this, I’ll gift the album. Make sure you also DM your email address

    A nice melting pot of tracks, my favourite is Blot!
    DM on it's way :smile:

  • Claimed and sent! Enjoy, dasgoods!

  • Thanks for the link!

  • @kinkujin said:
    Thanks for the link!


  • Btw the embed above is only showing the first 9 tracks for me, but the whole thing is 14 tracks.

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