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haQ attaQ - Made in Sweden (a show for iOS musicians, by an iOS musician)

edited October 2014 in Creations

My friends! It is Wednesday and I have a new haQ attaQ
episode for you to consume.

In this episode I’m paying homage to my Swedish heritage,
by grabbing a seemingly transparent Drum and Bass, and
making it colorful, using Swede-made apps!

Apps used in this episode are: AudioShare, Vandelay, SquashIt, AUFX:Space and SECTOR.


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    Great stuff, Jakob! Many thanks! I enjoyed it a lot - in fact, I enjoy them all (and your sense of fun). :)

  •         _
          (  :
         __\  \  _____
       (____)  `|
      (____)|   |
  • @Washboy I'm happy you like it, and you are welcome!
    Tomorrow I'll start filming for Saturdays episode. Whenever I
    start a project I always feel that "this one won't cut it".

    That feeling goes away when I get to creating the thumbnail. Weird..

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  • I finally had time (and a working VPN) to see one of your shows and I quite enjoyed it. Thanks! I'll check out the rest when I get a chance.

  • edited October 2014

    Very cool video Jakob. Lots of fun. Your enthusiasm come across really well.

  • Brilliant video, and very nice use of those effects, and the best thing is you always make me smile :-)

  • Thanks to your comments, I feel like im on the right side of the tracks.

    You're all making me feel welcome to the iOS musicians community! =D

  • This is just too cool, hope you have time to finish the track too...

    Your video made this cloudy Swedish autumn day a lot brighter, thanks! :D

  • Ah yes, cloudy too here in Cornwall

  • Yay. Another like from Germany. Very inspiring site, good fun. Keep going on. Thank you

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