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Midiflow Bypass Selectable by midi

Is anyone selecting the bypass or mute buttons via a midi command to switch on and off in Midiflow?

Any suggestions?



  • Mozaic has a mute midi script where you can mute the midi at the press of a button.

  • I don’t think you can do what you’re trying to with MidiFlow. You’d need presets for each configuration, then to switch between them.

    These are the only actions assignable to midi messages as far as I know.

  • Thanks Wim

    There is always just one little piece missing of the jigsaw:-)

  • You can turn individual routes on and off in Midiflow, @3699CD, by using controller conditions though it is an in-app purchase. This is like the Mute button though when you use Controller Conditions the route is set to off by default so you have to turn it on to activate the route. I use that function all the time. I have Midifire as well and you can turn routes on and off in that app as well though I like the Routing Retention functionality built into Midiflow better than how it works in Midifire.

  • Thanks for the info @Howard

    What I’m trying to do should be simple but appears more complicated. I have setup multiple routes with their own channels. On one I have set up Note remapping so I can transpose.

    It works well in an “always on state” unless you bypass it. All I want to do is send a cc to turn the bypass on and off. But it appears not feasible.

    Do you have any suggestions from you own experience?



  • Controller conditions should work for that though you would have to enable the route when you first load the preset. That's what I have to do.

  • wimwim
    edited September 3

    There are a lot more flexible options if you're able to host your apps in something like AUM, and move away from MidiFlow. I don't know if that's an option though.

  • @ Wim

    Hi Wim

    I am hosting in AUM.

    I use Midiflow purely to create the unique channel feed for each (5) apps from my Roland RP90 keyboard. I also use it to split the keyboard on a couple of apps too. Plus the transpose element.

    I use Midi Designer to drive preset changes, muting, volume etc linked to AUM.

    Happy to hear alternative suggestions though. I just want an smooth live performance dashboard.

    Thanks as ever


  • There are a number of apps that offer us the ability to turn and off various routes but they are not all the same. The remote mute available in Midifire doesn't work quite the same as Routing Retention in Midiflow so even though I have created my routes in Midifire I send out to Midiflow just to turn on and off my various routes. Routing Retention lets me hold a note in an app and then mute it and turn on another route. The held note stays held on the muted route until I release it which is sort of like a patch remain between different routes which I like to use.

    I have also tried Audiobus' Midi mute but prefer to take care of my Midi routing and remapping outside my host software so that I can change presets in Audiobus without having to create the additional routing in each preset in Audiobus. I'm not sure how this would work in Aum so perhaps Wim or someone else here can help explain how it works in that app.

    Also, if you are looking for a smooth live performance dashboard then you may want to look at Keystage which I also use. It is a pretty interesting app which will allow you to load charts and change your routes from inside that app as you change songs or even within songs.

    There are a lot of options here between these various apps!

  • Thanks Howard

    I’ll check out keystage

  • There are two versions of Keystage, the full one and a lite version. You can try the free one first to see if it works for you and that you like the interface. Like Midi Designer it will set your volumes and manage presets etc. though I like that it is all "in house". It has a lot of patch scripts already included which can be customized to match your user patches and you can add your own.

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