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Moon Wolf Live Performance Video

edited September 2014 in Creations

It's been mentioned that this is a little long - What's wrong with a 7:30 song? Ok, maybe I got a little carried away - but if you have the time, please check it out. If you like it, please share it around. Thx! Apps used: Audiobus (duh), Loopy HD, Swoopster, Stereo Designer, Sunrizer and DM-1.


  • Nice job on this. I liked the feel of the tune, and enjoyed the video as well.

  • Thx, @funjunkie27! I appreciate the feedback.

  • Shiney feel to this video song for sure, nice production, liked the guitar drum and verse at about 4:25. I wouldn't think of shortening it as it took awhile for my pop sensibilities to kick in. Nice work on this video/track.

  • Thank you, @wmwm. I really appreciate the feedback and would love more from anyone willing to offer it - good, bad or indifferent. I'm committed to achieving a professional standard and accept that I have more work ahead of me. If nothing else, I'm hoping I can reach an online audience of several thousand in the future. I really don't know what that's going to take. I'll be playing live regularly, but in addition to building an audience that way, maybe I need to improve my music and/or video. Fire away with your thoughts.

  • Great video MoonWolf!

    If you want to get us iOS musicians excited, how about a follow-on video showing how you set up your apps and routed things?

    I'd want to know:

    • Is the audio a real-time feed of live-looping?

    • How did you record the performance? in Loopy?

    • what post-processing did you do, if any?

    • gear list please :-)

  • @hmtx, yessir! Not a problem. I was planning to do 2-3 videos: 1) detailed breakdown of the rig, 2)specific setup for performing/recording Ethereal and 3) work flow in Loopy. I was having second thoughts because the response here and on fb iPad Musician has been VERY light. Nice comments, good suggestions, but just not a big volume of feedback, and the vid, as of now, is only around 500 views. Of course I want to get my iOS music brethren fired up, but I want to reach beyond as well, - trying to understand what I need to do, to make that happen. Thx!

  • Aaand... cue the crickets. Not so sure these videos would be worth the effort. All good.

  • edited September 2014

    Haha, sorry for the silence 'round here. it would be great to see the extra vids sometime.

    If you really want followers post lots of EDM/Dubstep. And do some creative covers of top hits. Not sure if that sounds fun to you... But it would get some followers for what it's worth.

    Honestly, in your position (with the time , gear, and motivation to do these videos) I would just focus on having fun and making things how I wanted. And just not worry about the number of YouTube views :)

  • Yeah, it's all good. I'm trying hard to build an audience and a catalog of music that I could shop for licensing, so it's all just a tap dance of prioritization with the limited time I have. I hear you about edm and covers. I do have at least two covers that I plan to do. Thx for your input!

  • edited September 2014

    Hi Moon Wolf! I'm with Hmtx on this. Great song, performance, and video. I'm just starting out and I would love to see how you did everything. There are other people on this forum that are noobs too. :-)

  • Right on @mkell424. Thx very much. I promise I'll try. Shooting and editing are definitely not my strengths, so it may take a little time.

  • I look forward to watching your upcoming videos. Thanks for shooting them.

  • I liked your video as well, and would be interested in your workflow. All the best wishes for a monsteraudience (numberwise, I mean..)

  • Really enjoyed that, MoonWolf! :)
    Yes, a 'making-of' style video would be great to see how the track was all put together.

  • @MoonWolf said:

    Right on @mkell424. Thx very much. I promise I'll try. Shooting and editing are definitely not my strengths, so it may take a little time.

    Maybe just use the video you've already shot and do a 'DVD commentary' version where you yack on top a bit about what's going on. Anything tricky you could cut in some screenshots but that'd just be gravy.

  • @MoonWolf said:

    I'm trying hard to build an audience and a catalog of music that I could shop for licensing, so it's all just a tap dance of prioritization with the limited time I have.

    My advice is to concentrate on what you enjoy doing and what sounds good to you. Music is already a hyper-competitive field. It's gonna be that much harder if you're trying to make music that appeals to others or you're just doing it to make money. Keep putting your best stuff out there. When something resonates with the audience, you'll know it.

  • Right, I hear you, @telecharge. Good advice. I'm definitely following my vision and trying to enjoy it, too.

  • I commented on YouTube how impressed I was with your song. Loved the video a lot too. And here I can add that if you keep this up you got me as a fan for life (that could be good or bad...LOL).

    My girlfriend enjoyed Ethereal a lot too and she noticed the iPad, she even pointed out Stereo Designer..."you have that app!" Yes I do, almost every one of them used actually.

    Everyone here that enjoyed it needs to give your vid a thumbs-up and subscribe if they haven't already; that will help some.


  • Thx, @TozBourne! Very much appreciated. I'll try to keep good stuff coming.

  • @MoonWolf you seem like a honest and serious guy and I think you deserve an honest answer (not that the others are not honest!). I think you landed up in a dangerous ground with your video. It is bang in the middle between DIY and professional. It is not a good place to be IMHO especially because of your aspirations. I'm not talking about the music here but the video work. You will absolutely need some people who know what they're doing with the cameras to make a well stitched dynamic video with depth of field play, detail etc. this doesn't have to be complex but in order for you to have a good result with a minimum effort you'll need to declutter rather than pass for someone who is trying too hard. By all means, these are only my impressions but I'd rather be honest with you. Here's an example of a video a friend of mine did (or someone else did for him). Just wanted to point out that it is not a production made by a professional, just people who get good results with clever approaches and couple of video cameras.

  • @supadom, thx very much for your thoughtful comments. I sincerely appreciate them, but I'm not exactly sure I understand. Would love to get more specifics on your criticism of the video. I imagine it could get detailed, so maybe send me a PM? Love your friends video, btw. Thx for sharing that.

  • Ok, I'll pm you with some thoughts when I get time to gather them ;)

  • You da man. Talked through this with a friend at lunch today and I think I know where you're coming from. Still, fire away. I think all criticism is potentially useful.

  • I kinda disagree with @supadom on this one but think he brings up some good points. No, it's not a Spike Jonze video and yes it looks better than a DIY video by a kid with a camera phone but I'm not sure that's such a bad place to be. The Blatt video is beautiful but the lighting, angels and depth of field play are more appropriate for that song. @moonwolf's is a pretty unabashed pop song and think the lighting, colors and general silliness are fitting.

    That said, I do think the lighting in your main room could have used more TLC. Also feel like the rotating angles and shaky hand on the floating camera(s?) in that room got a little distracting at times. One tip on the shaky bit is ask the camera operator to hold the camera as close to their body as they can (like the upper arm is permanently attached to their side)—it's a lot easier to control the camera. And/or invest in a monopod (you still want to hold those close to your body).

    I recognize some elements of the final video from hours and hours in editing myself: 'shit, what are we going to put here?' cuts. One way to get around that with limited video gear is to put your two cameras on tripods at interesting angles and shoot the whole thing again (if you can take lip syncing). That way you always have three solid shots (presuming you have the first tripod wide shot) to cut to. You can vary those a bit over the course of the shoot (mild zoom and pan) but the idea is to always have those as solid sources.

    Full disclosure: I'm partial dads and daughters. Also, I trained video production for 5 years at a public access station so my notions of video quality should be in question at all times.

    PS @supadom I couldn't find more Blatt music online. Can you point me to some please?

  • Sorry @syrupcore for getting back to you so late. I looked on my mates facebook but many of the links he's posted in the past have been removed. I found this one just because I knew that the singer also sings with this french band called OAK. I think the Blatt thing might have been a one off. Niko (the guy who plays cello in the blatt video) organises a festival in Oxford at which they played so that probably was the connection. Anyway here's another one from OAK

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