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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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Bias fx 2 is out.



  • I don't know if anyone has checked the written reviews in the App Store, but Positive Grid certainly isn't doing itself any favors with this purchase restoration snafu. 😡

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    It seems like the integration with BIAS amp 2 is more complete. I can use the Celestion Pack from that and it's effectively now BIAS Fx 2, so they do transfer. If you don't own those, there's will be an option to just buy them for FX 2.

    I never was happy with the BIAS Amp integration with FX, but it's better (feels like the same app, which it should). It always bugged me that little floating value :D I really hatted the way it wiggles. Some people like that? It think it just wiggles less. Yes, that's it.

  • I was curious, so I downloaded Bias FX 2 (for free). The default (free) preset was for bass guitar (why?), but did not sound bad with my PRS SE One. I already had Bias FX with the whole 'motherload' of amps and fx pedals, so I immediately clicked on 'Transfer from Bias FX mobile'. Answer from Positive Grid: success! But not really, because neither amps nor fx's appeared in Bias FX 2! Always just the infamous 'buy me shop' link. Of course my presets from Bias FX mobile were also gone.... (shit). I deleted Bias FX 2. And Bias FX mobile too now.
    My opinion of apps like Bias FX (+ Tonestack, Amplitube, etc., with all the amps, cabs and FX-pedals in the world) has changed radically since AUv3-apps like ReAmp, IMPULSation and the (free) Nembrini-apps came out. I don't need hundreds of amps + cabs + fx-pedals in one IAA-app. I just want one good amp, a good cab-ir-app and maybe two or three fx-apps: all AUv3, because - depricated or not - IAA-apps mostly gave me trouble when used in hosts. Goodbye Positive Grid.

  • People are trashing it on App Store reviews

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    Their amps are overly compressed for my taste.
    Back to ge labs without an hesitation.
    I could have been tempted by their rack fxs,but it ’s too expensive for just fxs.

  • Transfer of my All Expansion Bundle did not work.. 🤬 seems like a few others have had a bad experience with this too.. am I surprised? No..
    It said it did.. but when clicking on most of the Pro, Elite + even Standard presets, I’d get a pop up to buy them.. NOT IMPRESSED..
    Already sent them details.. waiting for response..
    Will Bias continue to be one of my guitar solutions on iOS? I seriously doubt it at this point.. All of their apps will be permanently gone.. in fact, I think they already are.. NO AU = NO WAY.. at least for guitar apps.. of course, YMMV

    This is what I see now when I open the store in Bias Fx ver.1

  • @justice86 said:
    Which looper are you guitar players using that works well in AUM as an AU?

    Enso all the way. Downloading Bias FX 2 now, but I just had a jam in AUM with iBassist, Funk Drummer, Ge Labs and Enso and I think I’ve finally found 12 bar blues looping paradise. If Bias FX 2 knocks me off course it’ll be my own fault (and a familiar story of new app distraction).

    I’m for IAA Guitar apps until Nembrini come through with an AU container app, I like having midi foot control in a single app for pedals, then Enso works beautifully with midi trigger control in AUM. I also just tried L7 Looper’s new AU midi (footswitch) control, that didn’t go well, but it could’ve been me or my controller at fault. Also L7 wouldn’t loop 12 bars.

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    @Poppadocrock said:
    People are trashing it on App Store reviews

    No comments in canadian store.

    Well they have one now. 😎

  • There’s like 5-6 in US store and they are all 1 star complaining about Positive Grids Greed.

  • Special License pricing for current BiasFX owners - I didn't found any. There is only possibility to transfer purchased packs from BiasFX
    Also It forces me to login to Tone Cloud account to restore purchases - I don't own any of account like this

  • @MAtrixplan said:
    Also It forces me to login to Tone Cloud account to restore purchases - I don't own any of account like this

    I wasn't forced to do this, I was able to skip that bit and then restore purchases. Nothing is compulsory, not even downloading the free app.

  • The expansion cost is 5x too high at best.

    I used to be keen on trying to replace my stompboxes with an iPad, but now I don't see the rush. An iPad is the hub of my home studio, where I use it to augment and record and loop my mic and pedalboard, but I don't take the iPad to gigs except as a music stand.

    If I did want to replace my pedalboard, I'd probably use AUM and Amp ONE and a few AUv3s and/or a Nembrini or GE Labs or iFX Rack instead of BIAS FX and BIAS AMP.

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    It sounds pretty good. Price is reasonable. You get these people that don't want to pay, and are hypnotized by traditional iOS toy app prices, or just want stuff for nothing.

    Having said that, they might want to consult a PR person, as all the negativity doesn't help the bottom line. I had no trouble transferring earlier models, btw. Maybe one or two are missing, not sure, but the ones I actually use are there.

    Just wish they synced the looper to X Drummer. That would be something

  • @Nubus said:
    It sounds pretty good. Price is reasonable. You get these people that don't want to pay, and are hypnotized by traditional iOS toy app prices, or just want stuff for nothing.

    It's not the price, I'm happy to pay, it's just the fact that it's built on a deprecated platform with a limited lifespan.

  • @richardyot said:

    @Nubus said:
    It sounds pretty good. Price is reasonable. You get these people that don't want to pay, and are hypnotized by traditional iOS toy app prices, or just want stuff for nothing.

    It's not the price, I'm happy to pay, it's just the fact that it's built on a deprecated platform with a limited lifespan.

    Bias FX 1 doesn't expire does it? Maybe eventually, like all software. At least they don't have the 'pay by the month' business model.

  • @Nubus said:
    It sounds pretty good. Price is reasonable. You get these people that don't want to pay, and are hypnotized by traditional iOS toy app prices, or just want stuff for nothing.

    I'm speaking from experience with FX 1, thinking about the money sunk into that, the unresolved bugs, and then looking at the price of fleshing out FX 2.

    People might assume that with a high price tag, a name live Positive Grid and a big advertising campaign, they might get what they pay for, but that's not my experience.

  • I think, the main trick for successful IAPs transfer is that you should have both apps (fx1 and fx2) on the same device. I think so because Bias FX1 was automatically launched after I tap the button for transferring.

    Also I can say guitar sound is NOT overcompressed. I played with several amps with my Fender telecaster and have a great guitar tone for blues.

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    Well I don't know much, but it sounds pretty good to me. Add the IR capability and i'm not regretting anything.

    Some decent options with iOS now. I haven't even tried the Mooer app.

  • Message from developer on a US App Store review....

  • Read developer response.

  • Huihuihui this app is Not really received with love from what I read in the reviews...

  • They still haven’t gotten rid of the annoying audio interface warning popup in the lower left when your using it without an interface, annoying as heck to me, I emailed them once a year ago and they said they’d look into it, then I emailed them again a few weeks ago and heard nothing. This popup also appears when my iPad Pro is plugged into my Babyface Pro .. but not my Apogee Duet .. even though both interfaces work perfect with my guitars and iPads. The high cost, IAA only, and the unfixed popup .. no thanks Positive Grid .. I’m getting a Kemper.

  • So, I'm the biggest trasher of Poositive Grid in the universe (now that we got that out of the way). I've been very unhappy about their treatment of the Bias FX 1 app when known bugs were simply ignored by their team/support.

    But the new app is 'free' (with IAPs) so I downloaded it and transferred past purchases seamlessly. I do have a license for the desktop version too so it offered me the full banana for $49.99 USD...I'm not jumping on that just yet...I wanna see at least full MIDI implementation before I bite, again. Nah, scrap that -- I wanna see a fully functional AUv3 version of Bias Fx 2 with the following issues fixed.

    Some minor/major issues:
    1) Bias FX 2 icon does not appear in AB3;
    2) The app requires you to set its audio inputs in the settings. When you use it as an IAA device in a host (AUM, AB3, etc) you have to tell the app that your input is channel 1 or 1+2..other wise it won't pass audio. I have a 10-input channel interface and my guitar goes into channel 7. I set 7 as the input in AUM and then I have to go into the settings and reset the ins after telling it to use 7 when I used as a standalone app...dumb.
    3) Also the nature of 2) breaks the tuner;
    4) If you actually get the tuner working (it only responds to in 1 or 1+2 and I guess in standalone) it will give you the wrong pitch depending on your sample rate. PG seems to think that people only use 44.1kHz...dumb.
    5) I'm out to lunch on which app's fault this is but if I open MIDI Guitar 2 while Bias FX 2 is open (both in a host) then Bias FX 2 kills its audio (it used to start some other weird sound behavior in Bias FX 1).
    6) They took out the IAA insert point!!! OMG, WHY WOULD THEY DO THAT???

    With the exception of 1) and 6), these are almost the same issues we've seen in Bias Fx 1. These guys at PG are greedy lame ass clowns. They take no pride in their products. This is why they have a PR problem.

    To be fair, the app is pretty nice looking and though I can't access all features it looks exactly like the desktop version -- 2 was a big step up from 1 and it works pretty well if not providing the cream of virtual amp modeling tones. If they fix all these things it will def be worth $50 - as would 1! But I doubt they'll fix it -- too busy stuffing walls with cash they took from unsuspecting iOSers. Buyer beware!!!

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    @Poppadocrock said:
    Message from developer on a US App Store review....

    I did exactly as described, it says “Transferred success” but nothing gets actually transferred.
    A total fiasco.

  • I tried the transfer thing as well - maybe a few pedals got transferred, but no amps. I had every IAP pack in BIAS FX 1 except the metal one.

    I tried the free amps, not impressed at all.

    Personally I'm sticking with Gain Stage Vintage Clean and Nembrini. BIAS is yesterday's news.

  • Well at least all those people giving 1-star ratings and totally dissing them in their written reviews has managed to get their attention!

    If they fail to solve their multitude of issues (many dating back to the previous version), the only way to apparently get there attention is via more 1- star reviews.

    I'll reserve mine until next Tuesday. But if they fail to fix at least the in-app purchase issue and others, please join me in grabbing their attention the only way the seem to understand.

  • @SNystrom Did you try to transfer IAPs from FX1 to FX2? I'm asking just because I didn't have any problem with it. I'm a little bit impressed how many people blame this app but they even not tried to read manual. Even within app everyone could find step-by-step instructions on how to do this. But as far as we can see, nobody read manual, but everyone writes reviews.

  • But anyway, I can't understand why Positive Grid does not include in Bias FX2 mobile the same set of the amps, that is included to desktop version. I thought that it's all due DSP, but I tried to download stock preset to ToneCloud and I have no any problems installing it into iPad.

  • No.

    When this number of problems appear on a launch, I prefer to sit back for a few days and let the dust settle. I've never seen such a slew of 1-star reviews on the first day for a new app realease in my entire Apple App Store life (member since day one).

    After issues with the Nembrini amp apps taking weeks to solve, I'm perfectly happy to sit back and see what Positive Grid's response finally is.

    The last thing I would want is for me to to attempt the upgrade, have it fail and then be unable to upgrade the app ever in the future due to a programming error by a developer with a well-documented history of less than stellar customer service.

    Besides, I'm haveing waaaay too much fun exploring the sonic universe with GE Labs and the repaired Nembrini amps!

    In fact, in light of the up-coming Memorial Day weekend here in the states, I'll be generous and give them TWO weeks!

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