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MobMuPlat Patch Videos//Download Links

edited July 2014 in Creations

Hey guys, I thought I'd start posting up videos for some of the patches I've created with the wonderful MobMuPlat app. I posted this before (and some other patches) but I've been making changes and these will be the final versions....I think. Anywho, here is the first.

Download Here


  • Thanks for these patches

  • Thank you otem_rellik!Are there any tutorials using the GUI builder (the mobmuplat editor)?

  • No problem guys! I'll be sharing more soon that are pretty cool. @korakios, I haven't found any video tutorials, but there is some info here:

  • edited July 2014

    Nice video @otem_rellik keep them coming. Regarding the MobMuPlat editor I don't think Ive seen any videos on how to use it. The best way to learn is to examine the tutorial patches.

    Ive just had a week off work and thought I would treat myself to some hardware and bought a brand new Kaossilator Pro +. When I tried it out, I found that it wasn't what I expected.
    It is basically a Single Synth Rompler and four track audio looper and midi controller, so definitely a DJ toy.

    I thought why couldn't Korg have allowed us to edit the synth patches at least.

    Well disappointment inspired me to develop the MKaossilator Pro Producer, M standing for the Midi and Multitouch capability of the Sequencer.

    It has sixteen midi tracks and sixteen CC automation tracks.

    Each track has an independant adjustable bar length from 1 to 32.

    Each sequence and CC automation can be copied to clipboard and pasted into any other sequence track and the same for the CC automation tracks.

    The CC automation tracks, can be edited or created while in the clipboard, by drawing a line, then pasted out to a track.

    I now need to create the multitouch interface and GUI then test.

    In the future I might add a Preset facility and some onboard synths but who knows.

    Heres a video of the Pure Data Engine.

  • Wow, that is an intense patch!

  • Sounds like an excellent idea

  • @TGiG I think its a good idea as well, It's a pitty that Korg, didn't think, it was a good enough idea, or maybe they where only targeting DJ's

    Well @otem_rellik I have to agree this is an intense patch.
    My most ambitious patch yet, the only annoying thing for me about patching in PD is if you screw up while patching you can end up having to repatch the whole of your subpatch but I don't want to put anyone off.
    Pure Data is really quick if you want to sketch out an idea. I really like the way you can use Bangs and numbers to fault find your patch.

    The MKaossilator Pro Producer may push my Ipad 4 to the limits so this is going to be a test of what can be achieved. I might end up having to reduce the amount of note tracks and CC automation tracks but if it doesn't grind to halt while playing and recording sixteen midi tracks and simultaneously recording and replaying sixteen CC automation tracks then I'm going to give it a lot more work to do.

    I've been researching the possibility of using midi clock sync in PD patches and there is good and bad news, PD Vanilla (for those that don't know, is the basic version and the only version that is supported by MoBMuPlat) doesn't support midi clock sync but PD Extended (The extended version supports video design, character recognition and much more) does support midi clock in.
    I've tested the node and it responds to start, stop and tempo. So I'm hoping that it may be incorporated into Vanilla at some time in the future.

    I've got two days off now, so I'm going to start fleshing out the multitouch interface and GUI should be fun.

  • edited July 2014

    I got midi clock to work after a lot of tests using the midiin object. got it to sync with loopy, although it does jump around a bit. This should not technically work, but it actually does!

  • @ottem_rellik that's an amazing discovery, I'm going to give it a try when I can.

  • edited July 2014

    I'm actually going to start learning PD this weekend ,but allow me to ask a (newbie) question.
    Is @otem_rellik's patch used for transmitting midi clock or a pass-thru?

  • That screenshot is from a patch receiving midi clock. I have not experimented with transmitting a midi clock from pd. I think it can be done but I'm not certain.

  • Hey guys, here is the next one. MultiFX processor with midi control on channel 1, cc# 1-10.

    Download here

  • Hello, time to de-lurk and contribute! Inspired by the Swarmatron, here's "HIVETRON". Eight swarming saws, eight swarming sines, plus two of each non-swarming.


  • Thanks @vsmqu and well done, its nice to see our team of Pure Data patchers, growing.

  • @otem_rellik I've just watched your video and it was awesome. I'm speechless.

    I'm two thirds of the way to finishing my MKaossilator Pro Producer GUI.
    When it's finished I'll post a video before testing and sharing.

  • @otem_rellik Just want to say that OSC is a stroke of genius freaky noise generator. Love it.

  • Some cool looking patches here!

    Out of curiosity, has anyone started on a live sampling patch like The Party Van?

  • Here's a kind of hybrid sampler/looper. Both the recording and triggering of four samples are sequenced. Each cycle of the play sequencer advances the record sequencer one step.
    The midi sync in works for start/stop/tempo (tested w/Thumbjam & Sector), the midi out doesn't work (yet?). Tap tempo (5 taps) doesn't work the first time, wait 3 sec and try again. The midi note in controls record sample (61,63,66,68 -black keys), trigger sample (62,64,67,69 -white keys), attack short/long (73,75) and release short/medium/long (74,76,77).

    @GovernorSilver My PD learning curve started when I got MobMuPlat, I'll be taking each day one sub-patch at a time!


    Needs a catchy name. Perhaps "REGURGITATOR"

  • @vsmqu, any chance we could get a demo of that? It looks super rad but I couldn't quite figure out how to use it when I loaded the patch. I'm excited more folks are taking an interest in making patches!

  • edited July 2014

    Well I,ve designed the GUI and attached it to the engine and heres a video of it working.
    Still needs labels and a few more features and lots of testing.
    After this project I`m going take a rest from patching and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

  • Wow Multitouch, that looks incredibly cool and complex! I can't imagine how much work must have gone into it. Here is my next patch, a polyphonic synth with some effects to play around with.

    Download here

  • Very cool effect box @vsmqu thanks and well done.

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