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Art & Crime & Magic – my new album, release progress log

I’d like to post progress information here about the releasing of my next album Art & Crime & Magic.

It was made entirely within iOS, on my iPhone XR and my iPad Pro 2017, and using Gadget and Auria Pro.

I intend to release it on Halloween. This gives me a several week run-up for prerelease marketing, all the necessary paperwork and business stuff which a ‘record label’ would normally engage in. I’ll keep a log here of all those admin details.

Last night I believe I took all ten tracks to master candidate (v 2 actually), and over the next few days I’ve got the opportunity for final revision in listening back to it before I classify them as Gold Master Candidate (GMC) (if there’s an equivalent to that in today’s workflows) (basically the stage where you say it’s finished, no more meddling, it can be handed over and go out the door).

More info as it goes on.


  • Art & Crime & Magic
    Track listing:

    1 Sheer Quiescent Chance
    2 Agent Of Thwart
    3 Thirst For New Ways
    4 Broadcasting Behaviour
    5 New Vibration Tone
    6 Transpose The Quintessence
    7 Extraordinary
    8 In The Face Fly
    9 Dare To Strike The Pay Dirt
    10 Eyes In Reverse

  • Will you release any samples pre-release date?
    And can we have the Spectre of Boris Johnson floating above your album?

  • Those titles are tight .......makes me want to hear the songs.....lets go!

  • @oldschoolwillie said:
    Those titles are tight .......makes me want to hear the songs.....lets go!

    Thanks. You all will.
    This project has introduced me to a couple of new concepts, one of which is a vocal technique called “singing in tune”, another is a concept called “marketing”, both seem to have something in them after all.

    What I’ll be doing is a pre-release period whereby I can get an audience exposed to it and I hope to get some testimonials which I can publicise, to generate a fear of missing out. The tenuous vague invented tie-in with Halloween might help (it hasn’t got anything to do with it …maybe it has, there’s magic in the title).

    First things first though, there’s publishing stuff to be done before I rush into uploading anything (in case someone wants to cover my work in future).


  • That's a great title.
    Looking forward to listening.

  • I’ve generated ten new ISRC codes (I have my own ISRC code header).

  • edited September 2019

    The physical uploading of the artwork and wav files has completed overnight.
    (Distrokid, with YouTube content ID and stuff as extras).

  • The lyrics have been added (another tedious process)

  • edited September 2019

    Not as tedious as entering all the data for Kantar Millward Brown’s Tornado system, which tracks sales for chart inclusion (if you or your record label don’t supply this data you won’t get included in the charts as they can’t track your sales) – (if any, of course).

    Here’s some screenshots of me entering it in (I don’t think there’s any identifying data here or anything that allows you to log in and monkey around with my account) (but if there is, don’t).

    Entering the first track, only nine more to go.

    Ages later, here’s all ten

    Now the data is in the system I can create a digital ‘bundle’ (which is basically an album)

    All the required data entered.

  • Lyrics are now published (publishing it on a quick Google Sites page counts as publishing).

    Although, the lyrics were uploaded with DistroKid so they’ll probably appear in Apple Music somewhere (I don’t know, I don’t have Apple Music, nor Spotify, nor any subscription based stuff like that) and they were uploaded a couple of days ago so that is probably the first publication except it won’t appear until Halloween.

  • Submitted a track to spotify's upcoming releases thingy playlist. You can pick one from an album so I picked track two - Agent Of Thwart. Had to fill out a form, and describe what the song is about.

  • Also, thought I'd read up about the concept of 'growth hacking' – there's a big following in that these days, several books etc. However, the wikipedia page on growth hacking is atrocious! What badly written tosh.

  • Is there anything more utterly tedious than entering all the information for an album into Kantar Millward Brown’s Tornado system (see above)?
    Yes. In order for my work to be included in BBC Introducing, I have to have an entry in musicbrainz. This is always an admin episode I dread, and I never know if I have done it correctly or not (usually not).

    Here – who knows what this adds up to:

  • Thank you for sharing this. Good luck with the release.

  • Thanks.

    Yep, I forgot to actually put in the 'recordings' first, despite the layout of their arse-brained website showing you the release groups first, then releases, which means of course I fill those out first. Then I end up with releases that don't have recordings, only the names of recordings, and recordings (when I remember there's such a separate thing) as unconnected ones without an album. Stupid stupid stupid fucking shit for brains website design. If you ever want to see what the worst possible usability example is, that's it – is it.

  • Filled in all the details for the album for PRS for Music (I’m a member). Began filling in the same (but more extensive) details for PPL UK, but basically gave up for the night, it takes so long and is so inexplicably crap to have to do. I’ll carry on tomorrow evening.

  • edited October 2019

    Now’s the time to ask for favours from you all.

    Here’s some links to listen to the tracks on the album, they’re iCloud shared links set (I believe) to listen-only rather than download (so be civil and don’t try and rip them etc. thanks, talk like a pirate day is over for the year).

    What I would very much like is testimonials that I can use (in tweets etc.), and if you could also disseminate one-liner opinions or micro-reviews to your own social networks, that'd be much appreciated (but pointing at spotify or etc, not to these actual links of course!). So, if anyone has anything to say about any of these tracks that I can use as testimonials, please let me know (and social media handles etc to include, so that it doesn't look like I'm making up a bunch of fake users). That’s what this “marketing” thing seems to be about these days, so I think I'll give it a try. Thanks everyone.

    [icloud links set to not share now, as it blatantly fails to do what it claimed it would]

    (the product's link for the public is )

    Thankyouverymuch everyone, have an excellent day

  • These are the only options I am offered when I click on a link here.

  • Hmm. I'll see if I can sort that out. Later though, got to get ready and go to work now.

  • I’ve taken off the sharing of the above tracks on my iCloud. Talking with a friend who has no apple stuff he was able to actually download the tracks which is in clear violation and in opposition to how I set it in iCloud – I set it so that people with the link can not edit, only view. Downloading it affords opportunity to edit it in my opinion as most of us here would agree.

    I’ve put them up on my SeagateMedia personal cloud device but now I’m far away from home in a cold windy park even that lets me download it as well as stream it to listen to it.

    If anyone actually downloaded the tracks in the past day could you please let me have review/testimonial material to tweet thanks (and don’t distribute the files thanks).

  • edited October 2019

    As mentioned before, if anyone listens to these and wouldn't mind giving me a line or two of testimonial which I can use in tweets etc, I'd appreciate it in this promotional run-up to the release date of Halloween. Thanks.

    Oh, I also entered all the data for PRS for Music, and got a couple incorrect so did them again, and now two of the tracks have two EJNW numbers each. It's because they hid all the places where you can enter the ISRCs and stuff, behind a single tick box with a stupid name that doesn't mean anything, and I only realised this while entering details for the third track.

    I also started entering the details for PPLUK, but it is too variable, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I've got as far as about three tracks (not even in order). Takes too long.

  • Just to remind anyone who intended to listen and give testimonials, I’m still looking for stuff I can tweet around so that I can call it marketing. Thanks. Not even a one-liner, just something in quotes and your name/handle, just like the film reviews on film posters, or the same on book posters, etc. Those are all industry mag reviews, but I’m sure you all count in such stature.

    Something like
    “It’s incredible… “ @thingywhatsit ( forum)
    And I’d take that and add it to my promo payload in a tweet. Then others in more tweets. Etc.

    (incidentally, that above quote is from a game that some friends of mine in the magazine business programmed before they were in magazines, a boulderdash clone on the Atari ST, and it got reviewed by a prominent mag of the day, which began something like “It’s incredible that in this day and age such out of date crap still gets released”, so in order not to confuse the public they shortened the quote to “It’s incredible…” (Prominent Computer Mag) for their own advertising and box art for the game.

  • edited October 2019

    Can I get some testimonials? This is the final 9 days before release, the Halloween stuff is in the air so all sorts of emotional mixture is going to work adequately if I can just publicise it. I’m mostly on twitter (well, only) but if you’re on other social networks, spread the link if you would, thanks.

    (the product's link for the public is )

    But, testimonials is what I’m after, this moment. Thanks

  • It's Halloween, and Brexit has kindly gotten out of the way. Whew! Was it the release of my new album Art & Crime & Magic that magically banished this evil influence? Yes, I like to think so – something spooky is afoot. Have a listen and have a magical day.

  • Like it but, for no one’s sake, turn the vocals up!

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