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Digital D1 AU version bugs

Still major bugs in the AU version of D1 synth: If you save a different Mod Wheel setting with a patch in stand-alone (e.g.Tremelo), when the same patch is opened in the AU version within AUM, the Mod Wheel always defaults to Layer. Saving an AUM preset after changing back again doesn't help - still loads the default mod wheel Layer setting.

However, changing the setting within the AU version and attempting to save the D1 preset within the app, will cause D1 to crash. Every time.


  • Thanks for letting me know!

  • sorry for oftopic, but is there news about mpe? i saw it in first places in devs roadmap about year ago

  • I have found that in bm3 when using the sequencer after you record the pattern it misses notes and timing is off. Also causes a lot of crashes and reloads.

  • @analog_matt

    hi matt,do you eventually had a chance to look into this scaling issues in Auria Pro?

  • edited September 18

    @analog_matt Found a bug in cubasis.When i put the KB-1 keyboard in the Midi slot i can play only a couple of notes until the D1 AU crashes and makes no sound anymore.Interface is also gone.KB-1 works no prob with other AUs.I can reproduce this every time.

    FM Player seems to work with KB-1 as well.

  • Thanks for all this. We're getting ready to guest lecture at Georgia Tech today about Audio Programming. However, will look at all these things this afternoon.

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