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controller - interface - ios workstation idea

edited September 2019 in General App Discussion

I wonder why no one builds a solid usb midi controller with like 9 faders, lots of knobs and endless encoders and 4x4 pads AAAAND with an integrated CLASS COMPLIANT 4in/4out audio interface (and mabye a 2-port usb hub) that also comes with an ios app that allows to configure midi channels/CC/PC and so on.

could be bus powered (maybe impossible) or battery powered, or just a ac adapter would be fine as well.
Maybe even with a small extendable ipad stand.

I do understand that the market for a pure iOs controller is rather small, but as it would be class compliant it could be used on mac/win as well.

i think of something like a Ableton Push, or akai force, or mpc live/x, and instead of it's own display/software, a "slot" or at least a place/stand for an ipad/iphone, as it's brain.

that would become the best stand-alone studio/live workstation EVER, considering the amount of available synths/plugins/daws on the appstore, the cpu power of the current ipads and compared to the stupid&poor proprietary plugins (sorry) that (for example) Akai is providing.

I don't think i'm asking too much - particularly not, if i compare it to the load of useless stuff that is coming out every day.

it's not even that "great idea" ... i'm more like "why isn't there such a thing already?!"

what do you guys think ?


  • The market for iOS specific controller is pretty small. Also, with that many features such as audio interface plus midi controller knobs, faders, the cost would easily be close to $500, if not higher.

    For example, Launch Control XL retails for $149, cheaper on sale. Midi Fighter Twistor is $219 retail. Cheap/decent audio interfaces from NI and Focusrite are around $150 or so.

    Again, given the market, that would be a steep price for most iOS enthusiasts for all in one device. Most would prefer to decide on cost/features based on their needs and usage.

    Some of those features are included in some midi keyboards but they vary greatly in execution. And not everyone wants a keyboard.

  • well as i wrote, it would not be for ios only. it would work inside any win/mac DAW as well, given the fact that it's class compliant.

    People are spending over 500 bucks for a NI Maschine or ableton push and they can use it just inside one ecosystem. "my" solution would work on any platform... and i am quite sure that it would be possible to build it for a retail price of around 400. Even a cheaper version, like a combination of the launchcountrol XL that you mentioned, with an integrated 2in/2out scarlet interface would be a good start an a great controller for AUM ...without the need of lots of cables/hubs. perfect for the mobile "IOS only" musician.

    or for example: if the maschine mk3 had a usable midi-mode, was class compliant and had an ios app to programm the functions of the knobs and slider, i would buy it immediately.

  • I was looking at Special Waves Mine S...but they say on their page it's just Macos and Windows...
    other than that I am really happy with the Faderfox MX12 ( amazing controller )

  • y> @Sergiu said:

    I was looking at Special Waves Mine S...but they say on their page it's just Macos and Windows...
    other than that I am really happy with the Faderfox MX12 ( amazing controller )

    yea, they at least going in a bit a more innovative direction.
    but what i would love is a combination of flexible midi controller and Audio interface

  • Maschine Mk3 if NI updates iMaschine as did with traktor... but don't hold your breath.

    Also MPC Reinnassence (the big afair) are class compliant so check one at craiglist...

  • the renaissance is AUDIO class compliant ?

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