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Are there any creative "OP-Z like" AUM presets out there?

Had some time with an OP-Z last night and wow, what a fun little thing!

It got me thinking - with all the amazing AUv3s out there, shouldn't it be possible to re-create some of OP-Zs magic with AUM?

The thing that strikes me with the OP-Z is the extremely efficient and "simple" workflow - choose a track (OP-Z has default tracks for kick, snare, hat etc and some synth tracks), sequence or record your X bars, loop - repeat. Add some "step components" (repeats, filter sweep, sequence jumps, etc), to mess with the sequence(s) and you have something decent in just a few minutes.

Has anyone tried "replicating" parts of this workflow with AUM?
Any ideas on how to set up efficient multi-track sequencing? Emulating some of the step components - or is this "impossible" with current sequencers for iOS?

If anyone has presets to share it would be awesome.


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