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Doug Woods Could Use Our Help / Doug Speaks



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  • Helping others helps all.

  • @EyeOhEss said:
    Have a good Sunday :)

    I have, same to you! 👍
    That’s the place I’m sitting right now. It’s a wonderful place to make some nice music... 🎶 😊

  • @dougdi said:
    Helping others helps all.

    Agree! 😊

  • @reasOne said:
    An audiobus member (digital) mix tape, all money donated to the doug ?

    Sounds great!

  • @reasOne ... can you elaborate?

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    @LinearLineman said:
    @reasOne ... can you elaborate?

    We did a compilation of forum members tracks for Doug a year or two ago. Not sure how it sold (Bandcamp), but I’d be happy to contribute again.

  • Doug's Patreon stats seem to be stuck at 375 patrons for the last year or so. So, asking for additional supporters is probably a lost cause on this forum. Those that will probably have. Asking for existing supporters to bump up their contribution for a month or 2 might work I went ahead and did that.

    For me it's like funding a video streaming service that caters to my addiction for IOS purchasing. It
    helps me spend wisely. Most apps I buy that don't have a @thesoundtestroom video I often regret buying.

    But when you think about the world of music hardware it's a pittance (after getting that IOS device of course).

  • @MonzoPro, I sure would contribute, but who buys anything anymore?

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    @LinearLineman said:
    @MonzoPro, I sure would contribute, but who buys anything anymore?

    I’m a little confused....

    Maybe we don’t have all the information related to Doug. And it’s possible we don’t have to....

    But, this comment...????

    Doug needs several ways to earn money with his job, that it seems only the youtube channel. So, in this post there are here several ideas to improve his revenue.

    I’m missing something?

  • I like the merchandising approach. I think “theSoundTestRoom” has a value in the community and I would like to wear a t-shirt with this brand during the next summer festivals. Who know, maybe I would meet new friends because of this...

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    @OnfraySin, please read the entire thread.
    @cuscolima, it is hard to imagine Doug has not thought through these things. But, if he hasn’t I think he is reading this thread. So all suggestions will be noted by him. Since he was not going to post his video here perhaps my good intentions were not the best for him.

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  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    @cuscolima said:
    I like the merchandising approach. I think “theSoundTestRoom” has a value in the community and I would like to wear a t-shirt with this brand during the next summer festivals. Who know, maybe I would meet new friends because of this...

    Also worth considering is the way it creates/enhances/promotes a ‘brand’ (sorry, day job kicking in). This is really important for Youtubers, since they are seen as ‘influencers’.

    So the more a channel is talked about, the more followers and hits it receives - but more importantly - the more it’s taken seriously by the companies whose products are being showcased. And that’s where the big money will come from. Maybe not from iOS, but hardware and desktop software products. The more professional it looks and the more followers it gets, the more likely it’ll attract a bigger company.

    Not saying this is what Doug should do, or even if he wants to, but YouTube channels can make serious dosh.

    It certainly wouldn’t hurt to have a few t-shirts being worn at Glastonbury for example, particularly if they got themselves into a few press photos.

  • Maybe someone will offer design help to Doug. @EyeOhEss suggested he might help with that. Please pm him if you still feel that way.

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  • If you're having cash flow problems you don't assume more debt by adding merchandise to a failing business model.

    Starting a Merch business means buying inventory. Sell some fraction of inventory and you break even.
    If you make it to that point you will finally see some take home spendable profit. Merch is usually added to a business that's got a nice revenue stream working selling tickets, CD's, etc. You get more $'s from each fan that way. Doug needs more fans that will support or buy existing music.

    Apple did this and it will also hit @Micheal since he had a lot of iTunes store link revenue on his AudioBus website. @Michael wrote that the revenue from merchant is really low and is more of a marketing investment than profit making business.

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Thanks for all the kind words and suggestions for my musical partner, Doug.
    Another suggestion if you want to help him, and get something back in return, is to buy some of his music.

    or our music

    (I will be sending all proceeds from any sales this month to Doug as he needs it more than I do).

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    We could all buy Doug and Colin new album called Angel. It is their best work yet. Really worth owning. I just did. 😃👍🏼

  • @LinearLineman - are you in contact with Doug?

  • no judgement, no hesitation. joined on as a patreon and glad to support him. His videos are free, and he's doing one of the few channels that consistently covers apps and their updates. theres value in that and i dont mind paying for it. It's not a hand out, its choosing to pay for a service I'd like to continue. I hope others might consider supporting the channels they want to continue. They're of no obligation to keep doing it for free. vote with your wallet right?

  • @robosardine, sure, just pm him if you want to write.

  • The way YouTube and Patreon works apparently means having to ask for money like it's a hand-out. If we want Doug to be able to make videos for our niche interest, we should encourage him to continue putting out the telethons as needed. Though this isn't even Doug's thread, there seems to always be people suggesting other stuff for him to do, without any real understanding of his situation. The impression I get is that he's doing what's right for him, and not really interested in other avenues. Sometimes the advice is more a passive-aggressive kind of thing to put him down, but hopefully he's not discouraged.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    @robosardine, sure, just pm him if you want to write.

    I was asking if you were already in contact with him.
    It would be good to hear an official line from Doug himself on all this. I’m starting to feel slightly uncomfortable about his absence in this discussion about him.
    Doug- We are all hoping for the best possible outcome for you in this situation. Are you there? How’s it going? 🙂

  • @robosardine @LinearLineman I am here and following the thread with great interest.
    I was a bit concerned yesterday when Mike posted the video here because I wan not sharing that anywhere other the YouTube.
    I wrote to Mike and explained some things to him.

    It makes me feel great that all of you have been very positive and supportive in this thread so thank you all for that.

    If Mike wants to paste in what I wrote to him yesterday then that’s OK with me now.

    The respite to the video has been very positive, lots of people donated and we got some new Patreon Supporters and also some existing Patrons upped their pledges.

    If this thread continues to draw comments I promise I will join in but I’m off now to you guys a new video for the Pure Synth Platinum 👌😎👍

  • Firstly, I think it notable the 2k have read this thread. Doug’s reach is great and people truly care for him on a large scale! That being said, and since Doug suggested it, here is his pm to me. Perhaps it will make the picture clearer. I cannot imagine losing that comforting voice that says... “Well, well, Hello again.. welcome to The Sound Test Room! OMG, my hair is stuck in my teeth! Brilliant! Brilliant!”

    Hi Mike
    Thanks for posting it here.
    I was not going to post here or anywhere else.
    I think you may be fielding a few negative comments today but that's inevitable.

    I do hope that the majority of them are positive.

    I can't give piano lessons for a couple of reasons.
    I don't have a big enough keyboard here anyway but even if I did it wouldn't be wise for another couple of reasons.
    Mainly my illness prevents me from making commitments to people because I honestly have no idea how I'll feel on a day to day basis.
    And I can't travel too far without feeling sick or getting breathless, however more so is that I have to be very very careful where I go and who I see.
    I have Auto-Immune Pancreatitis, which is an incurable and foul disease, however, it is manageable with drugs.
    Unfortunately, those drugs are called Mycophenolate and are usually used for organ transplant patients to prevent rejection.

    They are powerful immune suppressants so I'm at a higher risk of picking up infections etc.
    Add to that my Insulin-dependent Diabetes, Jo gives me daily injections plus other drugs.
    I also have Malignant Hypertension, which you probably know is high blood pressure that has to controlled by another slew of meds.
    COPD, probably caused by years of smoking, I stopped in 2015, but you know the damage was done.
    And finally, I am going blind in my right eye with Wet Macula Degeneration, which causes me to see double vision.

    Please don't share any of this with the forum, I think most of them probably know already.
    But you can see that it's pretty difficult for me to do a great deal other than do nothing or make myself useful and make the videos for the apps and other synths that the kind folks at places like IK, Modal and Arturia send me to review and demo.

    Man, it has taken years for companies to want to send me hardware and now they have started too, which is great.
    But even that is a double-edged sword, one of the YouTube comments on yesterdays video was along the lines of "Well, you asked for money last December, and all of a sudden in January and February you have all this new hardware"

    If people would research properly before making comments like that they would know that I state clearly when a piece of hardware was given to me for review or donated by a supporter.

    Another classic from yesterday's comments went something like.
    "I donated to you last December, but this is why I am NOT giving you anything this time, you are a smoker and you are killing yourself, give up smoking and we can talk again"

    Brilliant, almost everyone knows I do not and actually cannot smoke because of the COPD.
    I gave up in October 2015, I even have a video on Youtube from April 2016 explaining how and why I gave up and now vape instead.

    Anyway, Jo, my wife, replied to this guy stating that I do not smoke and that I gave up a few years ago (a few years being key here right)

    This guy then sends a video link to my wife stating that I did smoke in 2012, go figure.

    Mike, I have gone on long enough, that you for everything, and thanks for letting me babble on.


    PS @thesoundtestroom ... too late, already purchased Platinum Synth. It’s brilliant!

  • Bests of luck, Doug. Your cheer and enthusiasm masks the hard time you are facing.
    For the record, I'd definitely buy a TSTR T-shirt.

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