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jam along youtube videos

i can't find a way to do it so here's my post : is there already a way (or can you make it ?) to jam along a youtube video and record it (i've got beatmaker) ? i play in a cover band and this would really be helpfull between all band members (choosing tracks with personal lines on it, exchanging ideas, ... without having to convert each track first on a pc, then get back to the ipad, etc...). Thanks !


  • No, not on iOS.

  • to be clear : i don't need the video, just the sound of it with me playing along with either a keyboard or a guitar amp simulation !

  • ok thats fast, thanks PaulB... why can't a youtube player be considered as an input ?

  • Well, you could buy the songs in iTunes. There are plenty of apps that let you play along with music in your iTunes library.

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    Because it doesn't play in the background. It goes to sleep.

  • i know i can buy tunes, it's not the point, i already do it a lot... But when it's time to choose new songs to cover, propose arrangements, or when we have to quickly rehearse some @&;€ù songs on demand (it happens all the times on weddings for example), we can't all buy every tune everyone has in mind or that we're asked for : we just get our parts on our side with youtube, rehearse once, then happily forget it asap after the party...

    Anyway, we work a lot on the net this way with pc's, i was just asking if i could use my ipad the same - if not, this would be a real shame...

  • YouTube can't play in the background. That's a requirement for using another app to record it. Quite apart from whether they would add Audiobus support.

  • why can't youtube players do it ??? they can even record videos to read them offline...

  • oh i guess you say it's another limitation with apple ?

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    @jukap if you don't need the video, why not go with soundcloud?
    UPLOAD: just use any of the audiobus output apps that upload to soundcloud.
    SHARE: band member #2 can use cloud DJ to stream from soundcloud as an audiobus input and jam along with any other input app, record the result to any iDAW, and post the mix back up to soundcloud.

    And let us know if it works, I don't have Cloud DJ. :)
    Link here

  • @Haunted posted this before and it works great. You just need the Goodreader app and then rename the YT video from .mp4 to .m4a. Also, McTube is a YT player that will run in the background.

    @funjunkie27: The best way to download YouTube videos with GoodReader is by using a bookmarklet in Safari.

    Bookmark any page, then replace the bookmark's URL with this Javascript:

    And rename the bookmark to "Save Video" or similar.

    When you're viewing a YouTube video in Safari, tap this bookmark, and GoodReader will open and download the video. Works great for me.

  • Then approach the devs of either of those apps and ask them to implement Audiobus support.

  • I know you can load any song from your ipod library into JamUp it possible to do this while JamUp is in the input slot then have the output slot your DAW and record both your playing and original song from JamUp?

  • @Hmtx : soundcloud doesnt have many songs, especially when you're a french cover band i guess !!

    @funjunkie27 : thanks for the tip, i'll try mctube - even if i think i cant record both my input and the original title, i could anyway send my ideas alone with this background option, that's a start.

    All i hope now is that a youtube/dailymotion app dev will be contacted to implement audiobus...!

  • Oh ! OK. I thought this forum intended these contacts should be made officially by the audiobus team... I'll do it then - hopefully other ones can also do it : if anyone else is interested, please tell it here so we can focus on an app or two ?

  • I have been using AppGeeker video converter for a long time and it can convert almost anything to anything in batch process.

  • Unless I'm mistaken Anytune Pro + allows you to play with youtube videos and it supports audiobus. It even has a feature called live mix within the app that let's you mix in mic recordings with YouTube audio so it will sound more balanced. Also has a parametric eq and looper to get exactly what you need from it.

    Another app that let's you download youtube videos is beat time. It doesn't support audiobus but you can export the video in mp4 or the audio of the video in wav or mp3.

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