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MIDI buffer - does this app exist?



  • @brambos said:
    ... the IDE has code-completion so it will remind you what parameters are needed.

    :sweat_smile: B)

    Was on my pester-about list but of course you already have it. It was my main concern for 'noffins' — the ability to know what parameters are (function signature).

    "set any delay on any midi event"

    :smiley: That makes 100% sense now.

  • @midiSequencer said:
    script v script!! Love it.

    Both solutions fail to consider the 1/32 tempo playback option (ie strum) - just the easier option 1 (chord of notes)

    I see this useful for rhythmic playing - e.g. play any four notes at any time & 4th will then strum them back with a tempo division of the host tempo.

    Add to that AU Parameter exposure for automation...

    Happy to throw my hat in the ring here with an AU to do this?

    When 3 developers offer you code to solve a problem you have an excess of riches.
    If @_Ki was not traveling he'd have pitched in a script too.

    I can implement one of the 3 solutions today and all three in a few... months?

    @_Ki put up a strumming feature in a script a while back and it's on the @Audeonic forum and here in the Forum with AUM, AB3 project files. It's called the "OneFingerChords".
    Use Search.

    He put the script and AUM and AB3 project files up to demo the capability. He's working on
    an improved version. It uses Rozeta Suite tools for a GUI to tweak the CC's so the setup is needed.

    @midiSequencer: I think anything that's requested or useful in a script form is a valid case to trigger development. Most users want simple, robust supported solutions so Apps win.
    MIDI FX are a hot market. We'll all have 100+ in a year or 2.

  • @McD we all like options!

  • I don’t see a realistic usecase (for me) but I really enjoy reading this thread here ;)

  • Really interesting script, there’s a lot of potential with buffering scripts.
    Here’s a k-devices m4l app for example which uses a buffer and applies different things to it.

  • @McD - I didn’t post a SB script, because i didn’t want to take sides ;)
    (Additionally, Nic‘s (audeonic) script is quite feature rich)

    I really love all the things Brambos does and will use and program Mozaic, but also there are many things one can archieve right-now with the StreamByter. „Horses for courses“


    The enhanced „one finger orchestra“ script is on hold. I finished implementing all the featues some weeks ago. But for all the stuff i put in there, it does not inspire me... and usage it is too complicated.

    I am now thinking about changing it into something more like the „smart chords“ of Roli, using the new sliders.
    But first off 8 sliders are too few (would need at least ten - 8 for the harmonies, one for root note, one for scale) and secondly there is still a minor bug in restoring „persitant“ variables which is crucial for session recall of such a script.

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