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Korg Gadget 2 Released



  • Both scene tempo and fades are accessible via the function menu from the main screen - click the signature/repeat button in the scene header to see the new options. I didn't try to change tempo, but I saw a "smooth" option. I guess it smooths the tempo transition.

  • I’ve got the same issue, but with the further complications detailed in my post above!

  • Thanks, those features work really well. Nice to have tempo changes!!

    They need however to fix contrasts on those settings too IMO:

  • Sidechain still works with a delay. Very bad, especially for electronic music!

  • For me the new drum interface is like DrumJam. If you sweep your finger around on it really fast you can get evolving drum patterns and polyrhythms that would be hard to do on iOS with anything else but Drumjam. Plus you have access to all the drum machines and all the drum sets which you can combine with the patterns that come with Gadget 2.

    I wish it worked in all the gadgets, which I don't think would be hard for Korg to add. It would be great on something like Abu Dhabi.

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    No Memphis and Pompei gadgets on my 7 Plus. They sound good on iPad?

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    Hi any info appreciated . I have never used Gadget -but looking at Gadget2

    1.Can wavefiles be edited via an audio track on the timeline? As with most DAW’s

    2.Is there Groove/Swing Quantize?

    3.Files app?

    4.Inbuilt sampler i.e sample via external soundcard into for instance Bilbao or import samples only?

    EDIT : from what I see in the manual, audio can be imported or live recorded via Zurich . The audio then appears on the timeline Is this correct?

  • it’s great they finally brought over track naming from the Mac version, but I don’t understand why we still do not have a bars/beats/time display like on the Mac, and EVERY OTHER DAW in the universe 🤬

    It’s like to know how long a song is, when working on it - and there’s plent of room on the transport bar - at least on the iPad.

    All in all, I think it’s a nice update, but not the big “revolution” Korg Marketing alluded to 😆

    If they fix the contrast issues it should be alright I think.

    Now if we could just get Audio-in from AUM or AB to route sounds from Taipei controlled synths back into gadget that would be really awesome 😉

  • I had same issue. Turns out iPolysix and iMS-20 need to be updated. Search for and view their pages in the AppStore and the ‘Open’ button changes to ‘Update’. Then the install in Gadget works. Weird.

  • i’m liking the new darker interface... these colors don’t bother me , but i wish it was customizable like grooverider.

    still can see the other two new instrument in the list. must be a bug in iphone

    but. how much am i loving the midi out sequencing?? i ton!! this is so nice to load in aum and control a bunch of synth from one location and automation of cc parameters!! yes and yes!

    great update. now if we can just get audio record into gadget it would be set

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    It’s still showing at 29.99 for me (as are all of the Korg synths).

    Edit: I searched for it again and now it’s 14.99, maybe the price should are changing slowly, but yes, that’s the sale price.

  • Works also with Bilbao. Not as much variations than Roli Noise Drums as it’s midi notes only, but that’s interesting and can be recorded/edited in sequencer. Nice add.

  • As a workaround I attach the native iOS clock app to the side of the screen and switch it to stopwatch. Then I simultaneously press play and start. It's not ideal as you have to play the entire song, but it works.

  • edited February 2019

    I guess that’s one way to do it ☺️ I could also use my Apple Watch - but it just seems like such a stupid thing to leave out, it’s at the center of basically all other DAWs and sequencers and have been for more than 20 years.

  • @Peter321 I agree, it's a strange omission. On the other hand I stopped paying attention to the length of the song right up until the arrangement is almost finished. Then I check the length and edit the song if necessary.

  • edited February 2019

    Just found it’s related to my iOS accessibility settings, I use reduce transparency for better performances. When disabled, contrast is normal. But what if I want to use that setting? All graphics settings should be self contained in the app IMO.

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    I dig the update even tho it's not really what I would call huge... It looks good and digging the midi out gadget.. Would be nice to have been able to have my mono poly presets available to play in the gadget, that's all I really want lol..

    Well I want more but I really want that so I don't have to reprogram them in gadget.

    Other than that a free new synth woulda been cool, I'm not planning on buying any more right now

  • @reasOne The updated Mono/Poly allows just that. You'll find an export button in the user preset menu in the standalone app.

  • Ok, iPolysix and iMS-20 are iPad only so this is why Memphis and Pompei miss on iPhone.

  • i wouldn't assume a lighter option is coming. Make sure you communicate with KORG suppprt if that is important to you.

  • So if one doesn’t own ms20 or polysix, which is better?

  • edited February 2019

    Found really nice improvement:

    The User Samples folder supports folders and sub folders 😃

    While the list in gadget does not allow you to navigate between folders, all samples are shown in the list, even if they are in a folder or sub folder:

    This allows you to keep your User Samples folder in iCloud nicely organized using the files app, and still have access to all samples. While this will potentially create a VERY long list in Gadget, at least you can keep the actual files organized neatly, and there’s a search functions on the list, so that should help.

    Update: The search function searches for the folder names as well, so you can easily get a list of all files in a specific folder - this is actually really nice (even though real files app support would be better 😉 ) but I’ll take it.

  • Zurich 16bar max audio import?

  • @Peter321 that's a great find. Another small improvement is the addition of a search field in the open project menu.

  • When clicking on the buy buttons in gadget, it gives error loading App Store, as I assume it’s pointing to the wrong region, however, the gadgets are in fact on sale when searching from the App Store.

    Would like to to hear opinions on poly versus ms20 on which is better.

  • Interesting, perhaps I can get Stockholm now for all my REX2 files. Is it on sale? Price here is 10.99 €.

  • edited February 2019

    @stormbeats you can actually import longer files, but they will be truncated (non destructively) to 16 bars as that's the longest length of a pattern in Gadget. You can then copy that pattern to another scene and change the start position of the audio file. There's a marker for the end of the previous pattern and if you zoom in the new start point snaps to the previous end point.

  • Besides a drum synth/sequencer is the poly six that much different than the monopoly ?

  • pretty happy with the update.

    tapei midi out: this is so huge for me. tried it out running m15. assigning controls to cutoff etc and now i can use the great finger automations. will be setting up my user presets this weekend for , this is gonna make new track setups so quick. my nanokeystudio automatically ready etc. i envision that i'll sometimes use gadget as all rhythm tracks (maybe bass as well) so the output into aum can go through a "drum group", compressing etc. and then the melodic tracks using tapei and all the great au synths and fx. even with some shortcomings i love gadget's sequencer. just works. rozeta is great and has been great for loop stuff, but nothing beats gadget for quickly setting up planned evolving stuff and creating song parts.

    fade in an out should be cool, although it sucks that it's per scene, i wanted to apply it to zurich only for example.

    new ifx should be cool, i hate the interface though...was hoping we would at least get some monitoring. saturation will probably be overused by me. touch automation for momentary sizzles for the win!

    i like the darker color, although not the silk fx so much. but whatever, i'm sure i'll get used to it. i usually prefer darker themes. does look a little more pro methinks.

    all in all the cost-value ratio for this update is sweeeeeeet. $0

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