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Korg Gadget 2 Released



  • Has anyone else failed abysmally to get iMS20 and iPolysix on to the iPhone version?

  • Yes, the new colors of tracks are nice and could be helpful. But if Korg is announcing a completely reworked v2.0 version and is talking about "We’ve also brushed up the user interface based on user feedback, giving you the smoothest music production experience yet." .... I’m expecting a little bit more than just colored tracks.

  • same here, where are they?

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    Did they ever test this? Those grid lines are there for a reason.. why make the GUI so dark that they almost disappear? Maybe they should hire a UX designer for this stuff.. Just give us a dark and a light skin so we don't have to set the brightness to 100% to properly see things..

  • I am wondering wether KORG will increase the price of Gadget after sale or if it will stay at 40 bucks.

  • Hahaha... 😁

    Though if that „silky FX“ would be very slightly and subtile, it would look much better.

  • A1: No, it's not possible. Zeeon's sound is not going through Gadget's audio engine hence no Zeeon sound in the exported file. To get both Gadget's and Zeeon's sound in the exported file you need to host Gadget and Zeeon in Audiobus or AUM and record it to Audioshare. That works in real-time unlike the export function in Gadget which is usually faster than real-time.

    A2: I didn't try it, but it should be possible (even in v1). You don't even need Taipei for that. Taipei is a MIDI out gadget, it's only sending MIDI out of Gadget, not the other way around. In Gadget you need to set MIDI to Advanced mode and select the correct MIDI input on the Recife channel.

  • By initial testing it seems a bit smoother running, but maybe it’s just placebo. The remote install on iPhone worked better than before I think.

    I’m happy that we can finally name tracks in iOS, but that’s not an enhancement, just feature parity with the Mac version. So as far as I can see the only “enhancement” to the workflow is the color 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Great to have MS20 and Polysix included as I’ve owned them for ages, so free update for me.

    But so far I’ve not seen anything that makes this worthy of the hype and renaming, as if it’s a whole new program. It’s a few new gadgets and some color changes (not all for the better, mind you). This could easily just have been a point update, unless i’m missing something 😉

    I still love Gadget though, and its always nice to see continued development, I just think they may have oversold how much has changed.

  • Yes, the grid is almost not recognizable... even if the iPad is set 100% brightness (but then it’s a little bit better). Why Korg? This new dark color is a downgrade, in terms of overview (at least then they could make the grid brighter for a better contrast).

  • Ouch!

    Thanks for posting this, I won't update before they've fixed this.

    Grid lines are essential in the piano roll.

  • edited February 2019

    Even worse, the note events change color depending on the gadget, so for example Memphis events are dark gray, making them even harder to see:

    Compare that to for example Montpellier:

    This is just plain stupid. It makes sense to have colors in arrange-mode, as you can easier distinguish each track from the other, but in edit mode you are working with ONE gadget at a time, so why not have the same color that is easy to see???

    Also as you mention the gridline are close to invisible now, unless you are in a dark room or have brightness at 100%

    I really hope they fix this soon, as that is clearly NOT an enhancement, quite the opposite.

  • At least they didn't enhance the sequencer in any way it seems, so I can relax and keep a few happy customers 😁

  • I don’t mind the graded background that much, but the contrast to the lines (and events on “dark colored gadget”) is just to low. They can keep the background but they really need to make all events and grid lines a light color.

  • Nice to see Taipei CC,s can be record automation of external synths. Tried it with Sunrizer cut off etc works a treat.

  • One thing, that I think is new, as that you can now see the Gadget iCloud folder in the Files app:

    This should allow us to export samples directly to the “User Samples” folder from other apps at least. So you don’t have to use DropBox for that. It also makes it easier to make a backup copy of all your project files in the cloud, as you can easy copy them somewhere else.

    So while not perfect, at least better.

    This also means you can “export to iTunes” and the move the files to the User Samples folder to make them accessible in sample gadgets.

  • re Taipei

    Anyone else having issues getting midi out into AUM using the 'Gadget' virtual output?

    I can get it to work using 'AUM' though (and so record midi out).

  • Couldn't get it to work but all seems well. U had to start a new project. lol thanx however mentioned that and the remote install thingy.

  • But when I host Rozeta Rythm in AB3 it records midi patterns in Taipeis 'midi in' when choising channel 10 and Gadget. And also directly to recife it records.

    But cant I route the Taipeis output directly to a internal gadget? See picture, where I chosed channel 14 on the Kingston gadget but no sound there..

  • This doesn't work for me. Logged into try account, copied and pasted the discount code but it's still showing up as $99 in my shopping cart )-:

  • I like it, fwiw. I find the colour scheme classier and have no difficulties so far with the grid lines. Midi out is a huge development, I think, offering options apart from isolation. The new fx are good, the get-you-started drum arpeggiators are extremely useful and the polysix synth sounds great. I don’t have my bass to hand but I’m sure the new amp will be very useful. It seems like quite a lot to me. Obviously it’s not everything I wanted but it’s still really good. Thanks, Korgis!

  • I didn't get a discount also it was $99 but then when I bought gadget originally, it was discounted (introductory price). The price went up after that. So that might be it? maybe

  • You don't really need Taipei for that. Every Gadget has a MIDI input so you can record directly to it's channel as you did with Recife. I don't understand why you want to send MIDI out from Taipei to another gadget.

  • I saw a post on Instagram that the update wipes out your old projects and to back them up first... Is this true, has anyone lost their projects..

    Backing up is too much work rn lol

  • Based on my experience that's not true. I didn't loose a single project.

  • edited February 2019

    You have to select Gadget as the output worked with Sunrizer it's a thing with Gadget midi

  • edited February 2019

    About new tempo and fade in/out features, has anybody find them? Is tempo automatable? Can’t see fade features anywhere.

    Sure color scheme is a bit toyish and lacks some contrast for grid visibility.

    The most interesting thing is really Taipei. This is a great add for Gadget itself, and opens iOS modular workflow too. Note that now we have an external midi sequencer with automation editing capabilities for Audiobus/AUM/ApeMatrix recorded in GarageBand using midi clock sync!! And it’s natively compatible with Nanokey Studio.

    There is also that new bass effects Durban, and small improvements here and there.

    I had higher expectations for a V2, but I can’t complain as some things are really cool. Let’s now hope for some graphics fixes.

  • I’m getting a strange bug using Taipei > AUM, I can hear Zeeon when in gadget but when I switch to AUM I get a hung note and when I switch back to gadget the transport has stopped 🤨

  • It's great to be able to send presets from iMs20 to Gadget though :)

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