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Korg Gadget 2 Released



  • Early days, but so far playing about with Gadget for a while, I’ve not had my usual very quick heating of my Air2. Fingers crossed.

  • thinking about getting Vancouver, I know I don’t need it ;) anyways, is this good suitable for ambient, drone music and downtempo productions? I think I read somewhere that it might be a good choice for ambient inside gadget...

  • I'm really amused by all the different ways people are butchering the name "Taipei".

  • At the risk of being a buzzkill, this isn’t version 2 worthy. I mean, track naming and MIDI out are great. They’re also some of the first things that should’ve been implemented in a sequencer seeing how it’s 2019 and we’ve been doing this for a while. I’d be happier about those things if they came with some real workflow improvements; select all notes, snap lengths to grid when resizing, the ability to select multiple notes and then edit velocities in the velocity lane, a real-time arpeggiator process that doesn’t print to MIDI, group busses, pattern lengths in beats (15, 37 etc.), different playback modes for patterns (fwd-bck, walk, random), a timeline for arranging patterns. Maybe some of these are more fanciful but, there was an opportunity to do some new, cool things here. Also the new paint job is gastly haha.

    Sorry I know this sounds like moaning! After all, it’s free on iPad. But if I was paying 99 to upgrade on Mac or 299 to buy outright I’d be pretty disappointed.

    On the plus, I am looking forward to hooking my Volcas up and using gadget as a control centre for them! Finally get out of that 16 beat trap. And I’m definitely looking forward to getting some Megadrive action on the go. Praying for a sound chip emulation rather than samples...

  • In case anyone bumps into issues installing iPolysix and iMS-20 'Gadtets' on the iPhone...

    Initially they were not visible after installing Gadget 2 and I had to do a 'Restore Purchases'.

    After that Remote-Install of the two Gadgets worked the same way as for Darwin/iM1.

    I do wish Korg will add an option to disable the Gradient Background for a 'cleaner' look.

    As for other 'feature requests'. The newly released iMS-20 'Gadget' allows us to use any Track as 'Audio Input' which is nice for creating huge effect-chains if needed. So...

    ...what is stopping Korg from adding similar 'input option' to the other Audio Gadgets?(Durban, Rosario & Zurich).

    For 'patch import' from iMono/Poly -> Gadget.

    Please do add an option for 'batch import', doing it one-by-one is a bit meh :)

    I do like that iMS-20 and iPolySix got added support making audio export a bit smoother.

    As for export from Gadget...

    Add an options to select which scene(s) & tracks(s) to export and also give us the option to give the exported file a name.(sure it can be renamed using but really). And for export format, why limit the export options for the AudioShare Export?(at least when compared to the iTunes export).

    And finally I do hope to see a way to adjust / set the default velocity for new events painted or played using the onscreen keys.

    Looking forward to the two new additional Gadget, but for a 'free' update Gadget 2 has been a blast so far :)

  • Love it. MS20 is part of my brain, so nice to have that supported, and iPolysix makes some lovely noises.

    That’s tonight’s music making sorted.

  • encenc
    edited February 2019

    Soooo.. gadget running external hardware ? .. let's be having you ... any vids?

  • I totally agree. I am so glad I have this on iOS. the interface just looks shinnier and thats it. I was really hoping for something REAL ADVANCED like a turning those session time line chunks into a launch pad type deal. one simple touch muting! Makes that happen. Oh well

    On the plus side the new midi gadget is a total life saver if you ever wish to control gadget and other apps in AUM. Thank gawd for native control! as in my little demo midi control conflicts are pretty much handled. I can use Gadget with AUM and nanoKeyStudio, finally! Lastly a really nice little surprise. That little drum machine controller addition is a nice touch. Live Beat making just got a turbo boost.

  • Yeah man there are positives of course. I still love Gadget more than any other apps on my iPad in terms of actually making stuff that sounds cool without the headache of syncing apps together, manually routing things here and there, having it all saved neatly within a single project. That's why I'm a little disappointed; great opportunity to make a brilliant app even better, but they kinda snoozed on it. Here's hoping for a 2.5 or 3 that knocks it out of the park...

  • Cannot Connect To App Store for IAP

  • Super anti-climatic...........


    So, GADGET 2 this point I have a piano roll gadget, a bass recorder or something, and that's it?

    No other new Gadgets actually?

    And then for me I can't even buy the IAP for some reason.

    Oh boy this I over sold this thing to myself and raised expectations way too high.

    May have to buy NS2 to give me some excitement after all.......

  • i expected much. But not that they make it ugly xD

  • You have two new Gadgets for free - Taipei and Durban plus 4 new mixer insert effects. You can also purchase iMS-20 and iPolysix to get Memphis and Pompei gadgets. IAPs don't seem to be working for some reason, but if you go to the appstore you can purchase iMS-20 and iPolysix and they will load in gadget.

  • I just tried ... it seems that the upgrade is $99 even with the coupon code ...

    At $49 it will be ok but $99 it is too expensive

  • Very nice. Some definite improvements (prefer the dark blue personally). So will use this a bit more with the Ms20 gadget but they would still always get more use if they get the AUv3 treatment... Yet Gadget remains a decent sketch pad. But I do agree some basic operations still remain fiddly and there's so much potential for nice ableton like workflow improvements in the sequencer.

    AB statesaving would also be welcomed. :)

  • edited February 2019

    Absolutely. What a boring update (except MIDI out). There has been MUCH more powerful updates of KG... But if the marketing is announcing a new v2.0 version (which is just a minor update) everyone is going to be happy like crazy. Maybe I’m too old for understanding this.

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    Yes, these two are my favourite ones, plus Stockholm. iMonoPoly is a very flexible and powerful analog-style synth and iWavestation IMHO is KORG's best VA+PCM hybrid synth. Make sure you also get all PCM cards available, it's a rich old-school collection of PCM sounds 😁

    I also consider these two capable of producing the most unique sounds of the bunch available in Gadget.

  • OK, back to work. Quite disappointed to be honest. Not the "superior all in one music production software" that was teased. New Gadgets are always welcome of course. "We’ve also brushed up the user interface based on user feedback, giving you the smoothest music production experience yet." Aha. Where can I find this? We learn once again: don't belive the hype.

  • "We’ve also brushed up the user interface based on user feedback, giving you the smoothest music production experience yet." — don’t be ungrateful, we can color our tracks now!! That’s a completely outstanding and highly powerful feature, when it comes to „the smoothest music production experience yet“!! (... just kidding, of course)

  • Can you actually choose the colour or is it just linked to the colour of the Gadget?

  • And I´m quoting myself quote Korg Gadgets press release:

    • We’ve also brushed up the user interface based on user feedback, giving you the smoothest music production experience yet.”

    Smoothest!!! Thats a very brave and subjective marketing statement I think.

  • I guess you’re right, the track colors seem to be fixed. @davis_korgrd the overall color of KG is waaay too dark now. If I turn the brightness of my iPad to 30% - 50%, it’s much more difficult to see something, than before. (... and it looks a bit „cheap“, though that’s a matter of taste)

  • I don't mind the darker theme, and as I use it a little more I'm kind of liking the little splashes of colour (even if they are fixed). But that vignette background effect needs a rethink.

  • iPad brightness is set to 30%... and why this unnecessary bright blue spots (ie at the bottom). Just confusing for my kind of taste. I guess it should look somehow „noble“?

  • Q1:

    Is it not possible to export sound files as waw when you have like a Zeeon in Taipei? I get sound and I´m able to record it as midi in Gadget but no sound when exporting..


    Is it not possible to have like Rozeta Rhythm in AUM through Taipei and have that playing gadget Recife?!

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    Yeah it's really cheap. Reminds me of how music apps used to look back in the day. Like Morphwiz or something haha.

    "Hey you know what'd make the user experience smoother?"


    "If the arranger background looked like it was made of SILK"

  • I find it confusing when brothers share one login... We never know which one of you is replying! Shame on you Bam Bros!


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