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The Funky Drummer has left the building

and it aches...


  • I wonder if he had any idea of how many lives he saved. :'(

  • He passed away 2 years ago. Him along with George Coleman never got anything out of being sampled so much. (coleman is the drummer on the amen break). Pretty sad really but we will enjoy thoses beats forever. They are timeless.

  • I thought he died a couple of years ago? Two year anniversary today?

  • If you play drums, Clyde Stubblefield’s beats are a part of your vocabulary.. whether you know it or not. That’s how far reaching his influence was.. burned into the brain, muscle memory twitching as you sleep.. we’re talking deep in your subconscious.

    Cold Seat, I Got the Feelin’, Say it Loud— I’m Black and I’m Proud, Soul Pride, Mother Popcorn, Funky Drummer, Since You’ve Been Gone and a killing remake of Give it Up Or Turnit A Loose. These are some of the Epic grooves played by Clyde. Know them, breathe them and then make them your own.. this is funk history.

    Lives saved = millions (including mine)

    Lucky for us we still have all the recordings and quite a bit of video footage to satisfy our funky souls.

    A great tribute to the funkiest drummer from Modern Drummer magazine.

    Clyde Stubblefield Remembered

  • nice tribute!!

    something about him always gets me, it's like whenever I hear him play I feel repulsed at the thought that he could even die, his death becomes almost, disgusting for lack of a better word.

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