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Pressure sensitivity question for Keith McMillen K-Board users

I purchased a K-Board a few months ago for it's super portability and strong build. I only occasionally use it with my iPad and I recently noticed it is super sensitive to pressure even at lowest settings and very soft playing.

I expected it would work similarly to aftertouch where you need to apply extra force to activate it, but I basically can't play it without affecting the pressure.

I don't know if it's simply the way K-Board works or something is wrong with my unit. I created a short video to demonstrate what I'm talking about:

Is your K-Board responding the same way to pressure?


  • Yes, mine responds the same way. I wish it was different because it’s so handy otherwise.

  • Thanks. Too bad, but it’s still a nice device even with a few flaws.

  • It's somewhat adjustable with the K-Board app, but it's far from om perfect or ideal. I work mostly with mono synths that don't have velocity so it doesn't bother me too much.

  • i used to ha e one of these and and a roli pad. traded them all in and got a Sensel. talk about pressure sensitivity. i’ve never played anything quite like it. it’s very exspressive

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    velocity and pressure is often something that has to be adjusted. I have a QuNexus and had some problems with its velocity and pressure sensitivity, but after going into the QuNexus editor where you can fine-tune these parameters it's working well.

    You may also need to change some settings in the receiving instrument.

    I'm very interested in the Sensel controller.

  • I tried several pressure sensitivity values ranging from min to max, but couldn't get the response I was hoping for.

    The action that I was expecting from pressure sensitivity is similar to aftertouch, like at the beginning of the video on the K-Board product page on Keith McMillen's website:

  • yeah, I love the form factor of the k-board. But I gotta say that the tilt and pressure are almost always turned off, due to how unwieldy they are. The pitch bend bar isn't great either :(

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