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Fairytale (No Happy Endings) - EDM - NS2

edited February 2019 in Creations

some edm :-) Nanostudio 2 - just obsidian, slate, internal fx except of piano - Ravenscroft, and FAC Transient used on drum group


  • Loved it. Great intro and transition.

  • thanks:)

  • Not my cup of tea, but I really liked it.
    Reminded me that I should watch movie 'The Beach' sometime.

  • Just wonderful.

  • edited February 2019

    ooo.. thanks thank thanks o:)

  • Not exactly my cup of tea either but very catchy! And damn, it sounds completely "legit". Could easily imagine hearing this streaming out of the radio, as is. Go Dendy, go NS.

  • edited February 2019

    @syrupcore most funny thing is that this is not my cup of tea too :-))) i was not sure if it really sounds like "proper" edm, cause except of some stuff from Deadmau5 (which is very speciffic) i do not listen any classic edm at all :))

    There was even moment, when i was considering deleting this project, it was from beginning really just sample offset automation experiment in Obsidian (that main gated chord melody)..

  • Not my cup of tea either, but very impressive - sounds as good as anything you’d hear on the radio, and a great demonstration of what NS2 is capable of.

    Well done @dendy

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