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I'm looking for an App that provides a full A-D-S-R Envelope in an AU FX slot

I'm excited by what SpaceCraft Granular can do with MIDI but I'd like to add more "pop"
the the notes envelope. To do that I need the "Decay" option in an A-D-S-R Envelope.
SpaceCraft has an A-S-R envelope setting now so I can get short pulses but not that Marimba like "pop"
I tend to favor over more basic Attack-Release settings.

I have gone through all my FX Apps looking for one with "Decay" but I haven't found it yet. I'm hoping I already own an App with this capability but I'll pay for one if it's out there.


  • wimwim
    edited February 2019

    Are you looking for an audio effect or a midi effect? In other words, are you looking to shape the audio after it comes out of Spacecraft, or are you wanting to automate a volume knob via an ADSR envelope?

  • If you iVCS3 you can load its Envelope in an effect slot in your au host app maybe that would work for you.

  • _ki_ki
    edited February 2019

    I just tried that and found that iVCS only has Attack and Release (named Decay).

    But if you load Synthmaster Player into an effects slot and select Audioin L/R as waveforms and selecting the keyboard as trigger, you can apply the fast envelopes of the synth to the filter and vca. But since the Fx are applied to the output of Spacecraft, you can only apply a monophonic envelope.

    Same trick can be done with Moog Model 15 using the Audiobridge in the effects slot.

  • If you own iVCS3 its modules should be available as AUfx.
    You can try ENV module (Attack, Hold, Decay). The one that has midi input to be triggered on notes or to get sharper attack you can experiment with FAC Transient, FAC Envolver or Brams Perforator.

  • @wim said:
    Are you looking for an audio effect or a midi effect? In other words, are you looking to shape the audio after it comes out of Spacecraft, or are you wanting to automate a volume knob via an ADSR envelope?

    Using MIDI to control the note volumes might work too. I considered making a StreamByter script to vary the volume but haven’t figure that out yet. It’s tricky.

    I have some of the App’s being suggested so I’ll try them.

  • I would use FAC Transient.

  • edited February 2019

    I would use Audulus. I take it that you want to send audio through a vca, modulated by an envelope generator? Audulus actually has analog style vca's (diode, jfet, tube, as well as digital linear, exponential, etc). Then are are a bunch of envelopes (clockable envelope generators, looping envelopes, low pass filters). Snappy with wispy tails.

  • Awesome. Audulus looks very promising once I get over the learning curve understanding the controls in the various FX widgets. Time to grab some headphones and start turning knobs.

    NOTE: At this time it's an IAA *only* FX App. AUv3 is reported to be close.

  • AUv3 for Audulus will happen in version 4. They announced a month or two ago that getting it working properly as AUv3 will require more architectural changes than they estimated...changes that make sense for version 4 but not doable in version 3.

  • When I was a kid, we called this a Gate. :) I don't really use them on iOS so I don't have a recommendation for which seems to be fastest.

  • edited February 2019

    I haven’t grabbed it to try yet but I had my eye on FAC Envolver to see if it could do this for me

  • Would the Bram Bos Perforator work for you?

  • @DYMS said:
    Would the Bram Bos Perforator work for you?

    It can help if I use the sequencer in SC and then have Perforator crisp up the edges of the
    notes. I was just hoping to gain control of random "pulses" and give them more punch.

    The envelope control in SC has the most impact. It just focuses on the Attack and the Release without any setting for Decay (drop in volume after reaching full Attack level) and Sustain (the time allocated for the Decayed volume... it can be short or long relative to the Note's end).

    I'm not sure what the CPU impact would be to add this "Synth-like" capability to the App would be but it would give it "yet another" capability that makes this the Synth-App-of-the-Year 2018 for me:
    a granular synth that sounds very musical with a sequencer and 2 sound engines and the best one page UI on my iPad. It's even useful on my iPhone they way it's designed.

    FAC Transient helps a bit to get more bite but just a bit. I even use 2-3 of them to improve the edges but Decay makes an envelope "pop" like a Marimba, Kalimba or any percussive instrument.
    That's what I was hoping to add to this amazing App.

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