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Fully Woolly / NeoSoulKeys + Galileo2 - Fusion Rock

edited February 2019 in Creations

I think I spent more time trying to get the mix right on this stretch than any other track.

Here’s why: 1/track somewhat flawed to begin with (almost abandoned on first hearing as just the piano / bass track I recorded left something to be desired. 2/ trying to get the guitar, organ and EP into balance and come in at appropriate times. 3/listening on different headphones and monitors were so diverse on the first mix that I had to go to sleep. However, I got up this morning and tried again. There are a few dips and swells I could have lived without, but I have come to accept the frayed edges. So you tell me, was it worth it?

I recorded with the CUbasis metronome engaged at 140bpm and added Lumbeat’s synced Rock Drummer afterward. First time doing that, but found it a great way to not be distracted by a drum track while improvising.

NeoSoulKeys EP, BeatHawk Classical guitar from the Baroque in-app (quite great, recommended!) and a preset from Galileo2 ( also wonderfully authentic). Four tracks.


  • McDMcD
    edited February 2019

    I'm getting a Captain Beefheart "Trout Mask Replica" vibe... frenetic, outright, high-energy excursion through a slightly warped sensorium.

    It could be this expresso is strong with the force.

    I don't think I've heard a straight 8th baseline with a Rock Drum pattern. It ends up sounding like the drummer is missing the genre.

    When the bass player drops syncopations that's the signal to play straight ahead jazz. The drums should break into a ride cymbal jazz pattern ala Tony Williams and every other jazz player.

    I'm still a drummer at heart and these two guys are not listening to each other.

    Now, Captain Beefheart would have told them to drive the conventional from their mind and do what he tells them to do. And Drumbo (seriously, that was his label on the record)
    was NOT anything like a jazz drummer.

    BEEFHEART: If there are any rules left... break them. He worked with less than trained musicians and simply told them what to play so he could take flight over their base patterns on sax and sing/chant/yell over the top. "The Mothership!!!" Critics loved it. I thought... is there anything here I can use? Nope.

  • I agree @McD, the drums are off. Probably because I added the drums afterward. In the past I made the drum track and played over it. So, more interactivity. I tried shifting the drum track to different start points.... I think the downbeat was not synced, but it didn't make much difference.

  • Really enjoyed the keys and bass. Mix sounded good (on my iPhone). Drums needed a bit of variation maybe, as mentioned above. Is it a separate drum track you can edit section of (if you want to spend more time on it)?

  • Actually I’d like to hear it without the drum track. I think the bass might carry the rhythm section just fine. The drums are distracting, kept trying to listen around them. Better with headphones but just a little.
    Nice job using Neo Soul and Galileo. Great playing.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    I added the drums afterward.

    Wow. I'm amazed it's even close at all then. Did you record to a metronome? MIDI needs a clock to do a lot of useful things like convert to a printed format and sync between Apps. Sync'ing multiple apps is tricky and many seem to like Ableton's Link "standard" to start/stop a cluster of Apps.

    Enduring 5 minutes where the bass and drums are ignoring each other is painful for me but I hung in there trying to see what the keyboard player was up to.

    I made a SpaceCraft track once where I tried to align SoftDrummer after the fact and was given consistent feedback about the lack of coordination between the rhythm's. I was trying to make a disorienting track so I intended the effect thinking it might work for a video chase sequence. The audience would experience discomfort and panic.

    I still think you need to free up your bass player to be more inventive rhythmically. It deserves your full attention but that would be composing and not improvising is I get the push back on your workflow. You sketch without an eraser and I'm looking for compositions. You sketches could inspire others to compose something based upon the ideas on display and "clean it up".

  • You know, @McD, I did record to a metronome at 140 bpm. ROCKdrummer synced at 140 as well. When I play the drum track with the Cubasis metronome it is right on target. Yet, as we all seem to observe, there is a disparity of some sort. Just an experiment. Actually, I did the same thing with the last piece, ELEVATOR and SoftDrummer. There is the same disparity, but somehow it works better. I wonder what the phenomenon is all about?

    Thanks for listening @gusgranite. You heard the problem with the drums as well.

    @Ben, I tried it without the drums as you suggested. It did not hold up. Thanks for liking it. NeoSoul and Galileo are a great combination.

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