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Audio output from Iphone, audiobuss when using external midi keyboard and CCK

I have audiobus setup using various synths via midi controlled by my MPKmini. Everything needing USB is connected to a USB powered hub as well as an Audiobox USB interface.

I could swear that previously I was able to send audio out from the iphone into the Audiobox with vs having the audio only come out of the iphone speakers. This does work with my ipad, or at least I can pipe sound out from the headphone jack to the Audiobox and then listen from the head phone jack on it. Before you ask I am doing that so I can have multiple sound sources plugged in and all routing to one universal output.

Do I need something like sound injector, musicIO etc??? If so can anyone recommend something that works for my needs?

In case I am babbling (which I usually am) here is the setup:

Iphone (running audioubus hosting all different apps), connected VIA Apple CCK to a USB powered hub
audiobox usb, connected to other end of the IPhone CCK
Akia: MPK connected the USB powered hub

I have also tried swapping the MPK and Audiobox in regards to how they connect to the CCK. I can always see one of them, but neither both.

So in a nut shell, how are others using: Iphone, CCK, external midi keyboard, audio interface WHILE getting audio to flow through the interface not the speakers on the phone?

I hope my question makes sense. Please ping me if I need to be more clear.


  • Thoroughly confused. post some pictures?

  • Trying to find a good way to do that.....

    I will try one more time to explain. If no dice then it is camera time!!!

    Physical setup:

    Iphone has CCK plugged in. Iphone 10 so no headphone port. CCK kit has a midi keyboard in the USB slot, and the power (or whatever the other slot is on a CCK) is plugged into my USB powered hub.

    The above setup is fine, I can see the midi keyboard in Audiobuss or any other app that can use midi. However going back to audiobuss I want to select an output on the audio page. I do not want to send audio out to the speakers of the Iphone. I want to send them anywhere else so I can record them etc. So, I have also connected a presonus audiobox USB to the usb powered hub. The issue is I can not see it from the Iphone unless I unplug the midi keyboard from the CCK and plugin the Presonus Audiobox usb directly into the camera kit.

    So even if I can't use the audio interface, I would still like some method to receive audio from audio bus other than it coming out of the phone speakers while I have the CCK connected (and a midi keyboard plugged into the CCK).

    If that doesn't make sense I am really sorry I will try to take pictures, but I fear it will still be unclear.

    Also, if anyone has a post/instructions on how they are using midi controllers and an audio interface at the same time with Audiobus that would be helpful.

    Thanks for your patience!

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    ah. Yep ya got it mixed up there.

    The CCK you are referring to is the Apple "Lightning to USB adapter" correct? this thingie:

    on the Lightning to USB adapter

    • one end: male lightning plug, goes directly into the iPad or iPhone. Don't connect this until everything else is plugged in

    • the other end has:

    • a female lightning port - This is only ever a charging port. Plug your standard iPhone charger and lightning cable in to this to keep the iPhone or iPad powered.
    • a standard female USB port (like on your laptop) - This is the only port that will send and receive audio data or MIDI. Plug your USB powered hub in here using the computer host port on the USB hub, then plug your USB MIDI and audio interfaces into the hub. And don't forget to plug in the power for the hub.

    After all that is set, then go and:
    1. reboot the iPhone,
    2. open audiobus and set latency and frame rate as needed
    3. plug the CCK in to the iPhone.
    4. load your Audiobus session
    5. All should work. B)

  • Experiment with the order in which you connect the hub and devices to it. When I use an audio input/output device and a USB midi interface, the order in which I connect things matters and I keep forgetting to write down the order.

    Also, I found that one of my USB hubs works for this and another doesn't. If j recall correctly, I need to power the hub for it to work reliably.

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    and yes this works fine for me all the time. I have an audio interface, two MIDI keyboards, and a MIDI foot controller all working at once through the CCK and powered USB hub.

  • You need to wire it up as phone -> cck (usb port) -> host side of usb hub. Then plug both your midi keyboard and your audio interface into the powered hub

  • OK thanks everyone.

    I could have sworn I got this to work previously so I am not sure what I am doing wrong... I have a feeling one of my cables is bad (a long with my brain).

    You guys rock!!!

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    @Keef_gifford said:
    Iphone has CCK plugged in. Iphone 10 so no headphone port. CCK kit has a midi keyboard in the USB slot, and the power (or whatever the other slot is on a CCK) is plugged into my USB powered hub.

    just to be clear: this is where you got mixed up. the "whatever the other slot" is for power only, not data/audio/midi.


    So I was using the wrong port on the USB hub to link it all together. This is a new hub so I was not familiar....

    Wow I feel dumb....

    Anyway thanks everyone!

  • When in doubt, test your cables out!

    Software can have bugs, but usually the simplest problem -is your actual problem. Occams razor. I always check that my cables are all working before pulling my hair out about software.
    Also verify If your usb cables are data or charging only cables. Sometimes they get mixed up.

    Once you have secured verified working data usb cables, then label them and test your equipment.

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