Anybody updated to iOS 12.1.4?

Anybody updated to iOS 12.1.4?

Any problems?


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    Jud updated iPad Pro 1st gen and iPhone 6S. So far so good. Will report later in case I find something.

  • Upgraded here. No issues..

  • I just got a replacement iPad yesterday (thank Shiva for AppleCare holy wow) and in order to restore my backup had to update past 12.1.3 to .4... all seems fine but a few of my BM3 projects are eating up more CPU than usual.

    I had attributed it to background stuff from restoring a backup but maybe it’s the new OS...

  • Point updates don’t break stuff 99/100 times. No need for fear.

  • iOS 12.1.3 has introduced random audio crackles on my 7 Plus, an all settings reset has improved things but not totally fixed it. Hope I will not be again in the 1% with 12.1.4. Never had any issues before BTW.

  • Updated my 2017 9.7 iPad and all is running nicely!

  • Thanks all, i am going to bite :)

  • 12.2 beta 2 out today, not noticing any changes, I just update and hope lol

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