138 songs of guitar Tom Foolery streaming for you on youtube-

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I just realized that thanks to CDbaby and Distrokid, practically my whole instrumental catolgouge of guitar recordings (that I made prior to becoming an ios producer) are online, but they are in the order of most popular to least popular, which doesn't mean much because I'm sure not a lot of people know because I haven't promoted them until now, since I just figured out they are there.

138 SONGS of min on youtube in the order that people like them best. They like some of my most obscure stuff the best, which i find odd...but oh well


  • That is insanely tight playing, Marc.

  • @McD said:
    That is insanely tight playing, Marc.

    Thank you man. I was shooting for Tight,, out of sight and dynamite , but I'll take tight. :) I'm merely being a goofball and making a pun out of rhyming words....that' s not to be taken seriously . I just thought of the origin of the adjective tight and I thought back to the 70's. Then I saw the show "good time"s in my head and one of the characters used to say "Dynomite" all the time.... I'm stupid.....I need sleep...lol.

  • You are a guitar monster! Were you in a metal band?

  • Wild playing, must be fun to rock out like that!

  • Rockin'. It looks like Distrokid posted your songs under "Marc Pattison - Topic" and CDBaby posted them under "Various Artists - Topic." It seems like Distrokid is doing a better job of personalization here.

  • @pichi said:
    You are a guitar monster! Were you in a metal band?

    yes, I still am so to speak...lol. I also love electronic music and of course a marriage of the two...but thank you for your kind words. If you can believe it, I was a slow learner...I'm living proof if you jut never stop, you might just get good. :)

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