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Saxello + Remix / Dminor Flux

@ExAsperis99, @McD, @analog_matt @drez, please listen again to this augmentation. Created an enhanced sax... Sensual Sax + iFretless tenor and bass clarinet + ThumbJam Cello = Saxello.
@Janosax, please listen if you have time.. Close as I might ever get to a real sax on iOS.

Actually, there was a major flaw in the first version. Surprised no one called me on it. ISymph reset itself to a string patch instead of Octave Brass 4. I guess I really was out of it at 5AM. So now the Brass section is in place. I boosted the Kauldron Symphonia pad as well. Thanks for taking the time. I hope it works as good as I think.


  • Sorry @Linearlineman. I must be honest about the Saxello. It sound too artificial for me.
    It the unnatural vibrato. I want the illusion that a human is playing the instruments for a track like this. If it sounds robotic I try another combination. Its Sensual Sax. I can't get a natural sound out of it. It would be better without any vibrato but this one it too wide and a bit slow for my tastes. I like an even sound on in the attack and for vibrato to slowly ramp up and vary to imitate a good tenor.

    The notes being played are exceptional and I bow to your skills creating realtime compositions. But this rendering is hard to listen to due to my needs for a great "faux" realism. I think long samples that follow the slow ramp up of the vibrato are a requirement for me. Then there must be a lot of samples to avoid the vibrato shift with the pitch. So, at least a new sample every 3 1/2 steps. That takes a lot of storage and RAM to sell and render. Must won't pay for it. Maybe great modeling will show up over the next few years that reduces the RAM and storage in exchange for CPU resources.

  • Wow @LinearLineman , that tune is just tasty! Your skills are top shelf, man. I like that symphonia pad as it comes in and out and the EP’ish section is great. The nicely little grace note ear candy is wonderful. Where you cut loose at 7:30ish is really heavy! You’ve got great talent!

    But, i’m With @McD on the sax. Full time vibrato sucks the soul out of the sax! I was longing for Tammy of the notes to hang there. Agreed that all the melody lines are stellar, they compliment the piano line very well, but the vibrato is too much. I wonder what it would sound like with a monosynth instead?

  • Thanks for listening @drez. I might try the midi line with a monosynth as you suggest. I appreciate taking the time to give me your impressions.

    @McD, of course if you expect chinchilla and get squirilla it's a disappointment. I can listen without a problem, but I certainly see what you are saying.

  • @mcd, I was thinking about your comment as I was putting the .38 to my temple and wondered if, since you made the best
    IOS oboe you could not do the same for a sax. Both reeds, no?
    I would think an oboe would be more difficult... Two reeds after all!

    @Drez, I as thinking about what you said. Actually the notes on Sensual Sax cut off abruptly is you don't use a sustain pedal and they don't trail off. Surely an ADSR envelope could improve it a little, but I am at a loss. I love being able to emulate a saxophone, even with a less than adequate instrument. Thanks again for your kind words.

  • @LinearLineman said:
    IOS oboe you could not do the same for a sax. Both reeds, no?

    I would love to but the search for a sound font-based Sax continues. That Oboe is one of a kind. I found a Cello that's better but not as human-like as that Oboe. (Someone is going to ask me where the Oboe came from and I have about a dozen SF2 collections. I think it was the Iowa University Orchestra but what if I'm wrong... my ego can't handle the possibility so I'll say "Not sure.")

    Still what would the @Linearlineman use for SF2 playback?

    Auria Pro - tricky to load the SF2's
    BS-16i - can load them from iCloud so a little easier
    AudioLayer - no support yet. It requires an ESX24 conversion of the instrument on a Mac

    Finding and importing EXS24's is not trivial. VIDEO TRAINING NEEDED. Not making them on the Mac. Just installing them in AudioLayer. @gmslayton to the rescue?

    We should be sharing EXS24 and AudioLayer instruments like my Oboe. I just don't know the issues involved or have the desire to do the work involved.

  • @McD so you need training on importing ESX24 instruments into audio layer? I have a video on that.

  • edited February 2019

    I like the mixing on this one too, more air everywhere so everything is more clear, congratulations ;)
    I also like instrumentation and phrases interactions, interesting stuff. Nice double bass line.
    I’m not a big fan of woodwinds sampled instruments or emulations. They can be interesting for some voicings which can give interesting colors, but in solos most listeners even casual ones will hear the subterfuge. IMO those kind of sounds are interesting when you use them for something they’re not made for, for example with some fxs overprocessing or rhythmic looping like in hip-hop stuff. Even when I had a WX5 wind controller, I used it more with fat synth leads with sax style playing, than with the real thing imitation. I even bought saxophone VSL collection of samples, a pricey one around 300 euros for my WX5, but never really used it. The most difficult thing to emulate is articulation/phrasing: no air column, no tongue, no oral cavity nor diaphragm and no brass tube to talk with!!

  • @gmslayton said:
    @McD so you need training on importing ESX24 instruments into audio layer? I have a video on that.

    I'm predicting @LinearLineMan would need a more focused Video on just the iPad portion getting the ready made EXS24's from a place like:

    Better yet we start to share pre-made bullet proof AudioLayer instruments since I haven't loaded an EXS24 yet that worked without extra editing. I just don't know where or how to move my Oboe out to the commons and what the legal issues are with re-sharing Samples from other sources. I'll bet it's nasty. If the license is "Freely Share with Attribution" I think we can do this but that needs to be considered and part of a larger public commons effort.

  • Who wants a well tested Salamander Piano that drops into AudioLayer? It doable but needs a champion. I think @Lithalean has put one on but it might need extra editing and might not fit on older devices since it's a huge sampleset of a piano. BS-16i is a lot less work but not a great AUv3 instance IMHO. It's buggy AF. Who wants crashes when you feel creative? We just want tested stability and we're playing with DIY so we need champions to do the extra work.

  • @LinearLineman I wanted to circle back. I really really like this tune. It’s beyond my playing ability but not my appreciation! I don’t want you to think that the sound of that sax reflects negatively on the song itself. You could even chalk it up to my personal preference. BUT, if you could score that out for a sax player to play and record and toss in there, it would be really fun to hear.

    Again, really nice piece of writing and performing ❤️

  • Gee. I wish there was a jazz player that hung out here.

  • Thanks for listening, @Janosax. Of course you are right. The virtual so aren't very good, but I keep trying. It's the apps or a Melodica for me. I just got Heavy Brass, I'll try that sax in combo.

    Thanks, @drez. Your praise is greatly appreciated. A live sax player... Hmmm, would he come with presets and AU?

    @McD... You got @Janosax. Can't ask for better than that. I'm an ambient guy now.

  • Nice piece; cool piano voicings.

  • Thank you very much, @Wrlds2ndBstGeoshredr. My jazz teacher gave me pages of chord voicing support which I played thru in all twelve keys. The changed everything!

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