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Synth Hymn / NeoSoul Keys, AKSynth1, Synthscaper

No pianos! Improvised using a Kauldron patch. A beautiful AK Synth 1 ARP, Synthscaper le, NeoSoul Keys, Beathawk Oboes, Double Bass, Female Choir and iSymphonic Strings. Cubasis, as always, my trusty companion.


  • This is awesome!

  • Nice composition!

  • @gusgranite, so glad you liked it. Could you tell me please how you listened? Phones? Monitors? iPad speakers? I'm having trouble discerning what folks are hearing. The differences between my own monitors and hps are pretty big.

    @analog_matt. I am a big admirer of yours! Thank you for listening. All my stuff is improvised... too lazy to compose.

  • Very good!

  • Very nicely done sir. “Female Choir.?” Those girls sure do have some deep voices.
    Though I listened through my iPad speakers.
    If Barry Sonnenfeld or Bryan Fuller need some soundtrack work they would do well to look you up.

  • A very nice collection of sounds that fit together, and even better composition. I like this cinematic kick you're on.

    What were you curious about the mix? I'm listening on headphones.

  • This is ridiculously good peeps. Great selection of timbres across the frequency spectrum and lovely stereo width.
    Monitoring with KRK monitors and headphones. Sounds best with monitors which allow the sounds to breath. Good inside the car too.

  • Thank you, @Slava for listening. @Ben haha, I can't help it if there were several transgenders in the choir midway thru the process. Thanks for listening. Much appreciated!

    Thanks, @oat_phipps. I listened to this track and the previous feethru my Mackie5s and was pretty disappointed compared to my Roland hps and Apple earbuds. Made me wonder what others are hearing and if I should adjust somehow.

    Thank you so much for the praise and support, @onkey, and for the sound check. I guess I will keep mixing over headphones.

  • Thanks for listening @AndyPlankton. Much appreciated.

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