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make any sawtooth or string like sound sing a,e,i,u,o,ä,ü,ö and other speech like sounds

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with a graphic equalizer or parametric or bandpassfilters
frequencies as followed


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    save once in an au and use it anywhere ...
    this is apple graphic eq on Mac


    ;) many synths / DAWs actually include a "Formant Filter" that has these frequencies configured and can morph between them.

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    yes, but this is about lets pepp this sound up and use this as basic fx building block forever ...
    i made some very nice eq spectrum presets for noise too ...
    create once, never do it again B)
    I added those that were missing now :)

    I sometimes took values from other list so
    I can play around with male female ...
    äh sopran & alt or it was adult vs child?
    y seems to work better than I

    and y, Ö,Ä and Ü, ch/sh, sss, zzz are missing in all the formantfilters I know of ;)
    thats 7 or 8 timbres missing !
    hence this
    if ch/sh, sss, zzz with the noise is to exotic for you
    they all dont do Y, Ö, Ä and Ü
    so 4 timbres missing
    (depending on what languages you are used to these timbres may be unknown to you)

  • @max23 this is fascinating. I will be exploring more :)

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    @Hmtx said:
    @max23 this is fascinating. I will be exploring more :)

    the part about the singers formant simply means you can mix in 3000 kHz if it sounds to thin for you ;)
    other things to try out: something close to ch, s, z, works too (with noise) ;)
    the other stuff is more complicated and can't be created like this.
    I tried "nnnnnn" and " mmmmmmm" I recorded my self humming looked at the frequency analysis and did the same with the eq but that doesnt really work for n & m :/
    "Llllll" doesnt work for me either :(
    plosives dont work at all like this(p,b,d,t ....) :(
    ( I tried n,m,l, because I thought there may be a chance to do it like this but nope, its not understandable at the end, wasted way to much time on it :/ but was a good exercise in I imagine Im hearing things :D )

    so my computer somehow has a very bad lisp ^^ B)

    tip on the side if its hard to hear what's going on play additional note or osc one or two octaves below ...

    (this was the most boring sawtooth you can imagine before)
    Im just switching eq presets on a hold sawtooth chord here B)
    (tal-u-no-lx & apple graphic eq)

    chords (a,e,i,y,o,u,ö,ü,ä,n(n doesnt work))

    arpeggio (a,e,i,o,u,n,m,l, ö,ü,ö,s,ch z?)

    I used to do this with my old poly analog synthesizer too, because its sound was so boring. ^^
    I had a graphic eq plugged into the stereo out

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    if you do it like this with the AUs from apple you never have to worry what plugins are installed,
    jump from daw to daw to different computer,
    just sing a and o baby, click preset a B)
    to bad that exactly this au only lives on the mac :/ so you have to use something else on iOS

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    i have been playing with the apple au s some more yesterday evening.
    dont overlook apple au distortion, it contains a ring modulator and other things B)
    lets say I had an very EMS evening
    maybe more on that the next time

    I wonder why no-one talks about these apple AUs,
    I love them, use them everywhere and they are already there
    no need to install lots of fancy plugins
    and they are very cpu efficient so you can stack lots of them ...

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    @1nsomniak said:
    Neat idea @Max23

    I lost the presets I made years ago with this concept,
    so I had to do them again.
    Thought I`d share :)


    btw. with a graphic eq its nice to morph the waveform of single cycle wavetables,
    but thats a topic for some other time

  • Great idea.

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    @JeffChasteen said:
    Great idea.

    also interesting for a bassline or something ...


    you get the idea

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