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Phone XS MAx

does iphone xs max compare to an ipad for music production (screen size / workflow) or is it still like the keyhole surgery on other iphones??


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    I tried a few of the 'bigger' apps on the XS Max and to me it is still 'keyhole surgery'(nice description btw.)
    So for my use-cases (Camera, Field Recording, Noodling etc.) the regular iPhone 8 will be just fine :)

  • Thanks Samu. I suspected that to be the case, but wanted to be wrong. Maybe once Apple follow the folding phone trend.......... In the meantime a humble iphone se serves as a quick sketch pad with the likes of Triqtraq and Figure

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    I've got an XSmax (as my eyes get older I need bigger screens - at least that's my excuse) - I have noticed that more and more I can manage on just my phone - when I travel I often use my phone as my main device - whereas before I'd switch to the iPad if I had to actually do anything

    One thing that surprised me when I released my first app was that people wanted iPhone versions (adaptable UIs for the phone are coming soon! ) - I'm not sure I'm quite at the stage of making music on it but must be getting closer

  • I have the same eyesight / age thing hence bigger is always better these days, but AU's modular approach do potentially lend themselves to a phone environment. Nice app by the way

  • thank you - the modular approach really excites me - hence the apps - it feels like iOS could take music making in a whole new direction - away from the desktops DAWs largely (but not always) routed in the 'studio' paradigm

  • Agreed. Never quite got on with the DAW paradigm on IOS. as an abelton user the ios AU modular approach somehow inspires me, although it's true to say that moving from jamming to completed tracks can be a challenge. On the other hand I don't care too much, this stuffs for fun for me not serious

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