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Model 15 background battery usage? [SOLVED, I think...]

HELP! I have no idea wtf is going on here. I literally opened Model 15 once to have a jam in ApeMatrix and that was it. I noticed my battery was down to like 14% overnight, which is crazy.... check out these screen caps:

I've since rebooted the iPad, it didn't occur to me until this morning... but have you guys seen this and is there some way I can just turn off background activity for it?


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    Thanks @blakkaz for the tip on Bram's good write up on battery life and iOS. I believe the issue is because I opened Model 15 as IAA in error while playing in ApeMatrix.... ended up dumping out the whole session when I was done but I'd bet the app was still running (in the background, as it says).

    Moral of the story? Reboot your devices :) and don't use IAA unless totally needed?

  • Good for any iOS version really, just good housekeeping. I just realized my phone and iPad were both set to download app updates automatically and I don't recall setting it to do that...

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