Problem with ISymphonic Soundpack

Hi everyone
In 2016 i bought ISymphonic orchestra and also a Soundpack that comtaained 2 harps the harps cost about 10 Euro
I didn’t make music for ages and then my iPad broke entirely in August and I got an ipad pro in September
Now I’m finally starting to make music again and opened the iSymmphonic app.
I restored the purchases loaded the harp and tried to play but I couldn’t itt said there was a replacement anf I should update wich I did
When I opened the app again and tried to play the harp a window opened telling me I have to buy the Keys Soundpack wich c 27 Euro
But sorry I’m not paying that much when I already have great piano apps
Is there a way to only get the harp or get the old harp sound?
Or is there an other harp app or Soundpack inside another app?


  • Go to the App Store and look up the App. Near the bottom of the page it will show the link for App Developer/Support. Use that Link and ask Crudebytes. I'm sure they will get you fixed. It might take a day since a lot of app developers staff 8-5 support teams
    but that's usually a good idea along with asking this Forum.

    It looks like they also have a form on their website:

  • Thanks I will try that

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