RIPPLEMAKER - Updated With 200 FREE New Presets From The AUDIOBUS Forum

You guys have done an absolutely awesome job with all these new presets, seriously Cool Beans B)


  • _ki_ki
    edited November 2018

    @thesoundtestroom Thanks a lot for demoing the „-ki Explorations“ and „Audiobus Forum Soundfest“ preset banks 👍🏻 Very cool to hear them beeing played B)


    Only the „Soundfest ABF“ banks were automatically installed via app update. Manual installation of „-ki Explorations“ is easy, just follow the instructions. (Maybe add that link to the video description)

  • @_ki Ah, right, does that mean I must have previously installed your pack then?

  • @thesoundtestroom Yes, it was published about two month ago. Since i was not shure if the bank was also added to the Ripplemaker app, i verified my answer by a clean install of Ripplemaker on my phone.

  • @_ki Thanks for the bank, I missed it first time around. From a brief surf they are all good but I particularly like the generative patches.

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