You Tube Live Event August 7: Warren Huart will master a track using Lurssen Mastering Console

Lurssen has its supporters and detractors around here, but this looks kind of interesting for anyone looking to master on his or her own. I imagine the demonstration will showcase the desktop version, but it’s pretty much the same as the iOS version. It airs today, August 7, at 10:30 am PST and 1:30 pm EST.


  • I watched this and found it very interesting and useful. Huart is very entertaining, and I like where he’s coming from. He puts Lurssen on just about every channel and on the master bus. Here’s the link to the You Tube video:

    It’s a good song and watching and hearing him do his thing is quite inspiring.
    Of course, the parts are wonderfully recorded and played, which is also a pleasure. He’s got a few nuggets of wisdom about reverb and EQ.

  • @supanorton Thanks for the link!

  • Yeah thanks for posting this @supanorton will watch it later when I get a chance.

    Have always liked the sound of this app with the demo version I used to play with but was put off by a combination of price and your trouble's getting it fixed last(?) year.

    @ikmultimedia is this app still supported?

  • @ikmultimedia is this app still supported?

    Absolutely. It is still an important supported product.

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