Remote MIDI control for AB3 Mixer?

Ive tried looking this up in the forums, but unable to find answers that could help me here.


I want to play a setlist of backing tracks for solo gigs, on my iPad, docked on focusrite's iTrack, into which I have my keyboard audio-out as well.
Audiobus will send both the keyboard's as well as the karaoke track, together as a single line to the venue's sound system, while I control the mix levels from my end.

While AB3 has an internal mixer that does the job, I want to do this from the faders I have on my keyboard, so that I can keep my sheet music and arrangements open on the ipad screen rather than AB3's mixer open.

That would make my setup much more simpler for solo gigs.

Is there a way to have AB3's mixer controlled via external MIDI faders? Or is there a workaround to get the same result?


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