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Help, midi control for "Hold" for DRC and Model 15, modulation for Model 15

edited July 2018 in App Tips and Tricks

Hello there !

I just can't control this using a midi controller...
On DRC I tried, CC 4 , 5, ,36, 65, 66, 69 , all things I could think of for a regular keyboard, but that didn't work...
All other controllers I've added are working (as midi learn) and modulation, that it's a fixed parameter is also well configured.
It's just this " hold" I can't control :(

On Model 15, the midi learn seems to function as my midi cc is recorded, but it does not switch...All other midi learn controls that I have assigned are working fine...

Also, the modulation on Model 15 (tried cc1) does not function...

Is this doable ? Am I nuts ?

Please help me audiobus super strong guys ! :)


  • Anyone succeeded on doing this ? :)

  • Did you try sending CC64 ( sustain message) ? Somehow this is a kind of hold.

  • Thanks @AlexB , but for DRC I've got the confirmation by the dev that it's not controllable...Hopefully soon... :)

    Still stuck with Model 15...

  • Ok found out for Model 15 that "Hold" with Quneo controller has to be set to 127/127, to get "holded".
    Not sure if it's clear, but it does work... :)

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