Yamaha SY99

I have an opportunity to pick one up... Any thoughts on this synth? And what’s a fair price? Thanks crew


  • @stuck80s said:

    I don’t know that Synth, but I use Yamaha myself and find them very reliable and easy to get something broken fixed. But that’s just my opinion.

  • I recommend you post your question here for the most informed feedback:


    NOTE: They can be a little krusty over there so beware... come right back for more of your IOS needs.

    Don't know the instrument from I see them being sold in the last few years between $800-1000. They came out in 1999 so not sure how reliable one would be. I'd go really low ($100) on an offer and read the buyer's signals carefully. Maybe even walk away (slowly).

    I am curious why you might want one... so much more possible with a IOS device and a controller that fits your playing style.

  • The SY range is shit. Get anything from the DX range, those are shit on a stick.

  • Not sure I agree with the previous post, I always found DX’s very cold and clinical sounding. You could always get Syntronic which has large number of sounds sampled from the SY99. If you are having to pay several hundred pounds or dollars, which seems to be the going rate, I think there are better ways to spend your money.

  • The SY99 is a powerful 6-OP beast but buying or not highly depends on what @stuck80s is looking for in a synth.

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    I love the SY99. Checked out a couple of units to purchase to record sounds for a future edition of FM Player. But haven’t found a unit with clean enough outputs yet..

  • The SY-99 is known for one of the best synth keyboards around.
    500€ would be a fair price (range from 250-1200).
    Complements an IOS setup nicely and can be managed from the tablet.
    The onboard sequencer is additional fun. It can do DX-7, but may extend it vastly.
    Cool thing... B)

  • VintageSynth is still a great reference for synths of old. I had an SY99 some years back. It’s six op but you can combine the synthesis with the built in samples as I recall with some decent multi stage filters to give the presence of a subtractive analog synth.

    As with most fm synths, it is not straightforward to program. You’ll need to devote some time...

  • Syntronik has a good sy99. I say stick with that .

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    I've always wanted one - badass FM machine, with sample import capability. Decent FX for the day. It's so huge, I don't think I could actually do it. I used to have a TG-77 and really enjoyed it. I would not spend >$500.

  • I would say get it if it's cheap
    Got the FB-01 some years ago really cheap (like 20 bucks or so), and thought it was worth it :smile:

  • Different beast, but I'd look at the SY22 Vector synth. It is loads of fun and the one of my synths that makes me feel guilty that I'm not spending more time with it. Well, they all do ...

  • +1 for the SY22 & +1 for feeling guilty about not spending more time with it. Bought mine about 4 yrs ago for £80.00 (bargain) shortly before i bought my first iPad ;) it's perfect for controlling the Korg Wavestation vst as well, i don't have the iWavestation, but i would imagine it would be great with it too..........Good keybed as well............
    I have owned a lot of Yamaha stuff & the build quality has always been first class

  • "Bought mine about 4 yrs ago for £80.00 (bargain) shortly before i bought my first iPad"
    This is my story as well, I got mine very cheap and in fab shape. Then came the ipad ...
    Let's make a pact to spend more time with it. Pinky swear.

  • I regret not getting the SY22 for (sort-of) cheap when I had the chance! lol

  • I am holding my breath. I offered the guy 500 cash ...

  • Let us know how it turns out

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