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Garageband: No Record Button?

Hi all,

New to AB and loving it. I'm using a new retina iPad Mini and an iPhone 5s, both 64gb, both running iOS 7.0.4, running Garageband, Audiobus, Soundprism Pro, Thumbjam, Figure, and others for FX, etc...

Here's my problem. When I load Garageband as the Output App, and then any of my other Apps for Input or Effects, when I flip to those, and open the GB panel, there are no transport icons appearing. Only the icon to switch back to GB.

So, I have no visible record or play buttons. The space for them is still there, as are the mappings apparently, because if I press around in that big empty space, I can trigger play or record functions. It's very hit and miss though...

Any ideas how I can get the record /play buttons to appear properly?

Thanks in advance!


  • Heres a screenshot from my iPhone, running Figure, and the GB panel expanded.... no record button! Any clues?

  • Hello,

    The buttons are currently not visible because of a bug in the Audiobus SDK that GarageBand uses. We hope they update it to a newer version which fixes this bug but in the mean time the buttons are actually still there, they're just not visible. So you can tab into the grey area to start, stop and rewind the recording. I know this is absolutely not cool but it's all I can help you with until Apple updates their app.



  • Good to know! Thanks for the quick answer.

    As I mentioned, I discovered the buttons are hidden there... but it's really hit and miss. Hope they fix it soon!

  • I find that sometimes GB controls aren't available because I don't have the Tracks screen up and ready.

  • edited February 2014

    Those buttons have been missing for a long time. It's good to see what the problem is though. Thanks Sebastian. Just cut that blank area into three equal portions. One for Rewind, one for Play and one for Record. It's awkward but I've never missed yet. It will be very nice when they fix it though.

  • I have not had trouble with my version of Audiobus showing the controls for GB... you do have to initiate the visibility of all the GB controls at the onset with the first button beneath the GB icon - the PLAY, PAUSE & REC buttons slide down & open once you do this (I have not used any other app in the AB Output slot).

  • I'm having this issue also - not seeing any buttons ... I have no problem dividing by 3 (in my mind), but how do I know if it's recording??

  • You have to choose audio recorder for instrument, to record into GB.

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