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What is Audiobus?Audiobus is an award-winning music app for iPhone and iPad which lets you use your other music apps together. Chain effects on your favourite synth, run the output of apps or Audio Units into an app like GarageBand or Loopy, or select a different audio interface output for each app. Route MIDI between apps — drive a synth from a MIDI sequencer, or add an arpeggiator to your MIDI keyboard — or sync with your external MIDI gear. And control your entire setup from a MIDI controller.

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what this means is that you get the Maschine mk1 controller pictured here, the Full latest Maschine License, a $99 value paid update, All for $ 200 + shipping to wherever you are from Los Angeles....
the sample library alone in this package is worth more than the asking price.

Don't sleep on this one, those that do are destined to repeat this behavior tomorrow night again at bedtime.

PM me if you want it.


  • If anyone has any good links to clips showing the Patterning App triggering maschine post'em up.

  • no way Is this still available... oooohwheee somebody is going to have a great time when they get this one!!!

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    Which version software is available? Sorry, it gets pretty confusing with all the different tiers and iterations. In other words what is the exact name of the software package? Forgive me if i'm being dumb............

    I'm In the UK so may be too expensive to post anyway, but it's the software i'm particularly interested in..........

    So to re-cap: Is it Machine 2.with the latest Reaktor included. & and able to run the latest Reaktor instruments?

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    ok it's the Maschine software version 2.7.6

  • OK great, ........does that mean it's the full software, or a cut down version, with an upgrade path? Again forgive me if i am asking the obvious........

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    Sorry was being really dumb.......i got Machine & Komplete mixed up in my confused head!!!! Apologies!

    It's Ok i get it now.......Machine 2 includes Komplete 11 Select. Reaktor is a paid add on to that. Sorry, i thought i had found a cheap way of getting Reaktor...........

  • oh I see, well you can look on NI's site, at the price of reaktor.. if you own a maschine license then reaktor is cheaper.

  • Ok cool....thanks.....will do some more is somewhat confusing tho, with all the different upgrade paths...........I think Reaktor is £189.00 full price, & £89.00 as an upgrade from an earlier version.....not sure via Machine 2 tho.........will find out.........

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    reaktor would cost you $149

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    Thanks for checking it out for me :) Amazed that no-one has taken up your offer yet, looks like a great deal, if that's what your looking for...........i'm gonna have to pass tho, Good Luck with it......... :)

  • ha, you and me both.. just the sample library that comes with maschine is worth that much, not to mention the rest of the program and the controller.... I thought the kordbot I sold was going to take the longest but that got scooped up mightily, guess you never know what folks are gonna be into

  • Could be because it's a mk 1? Although if machine + hardware were where i was headed, i would snap up your offer, flog the mk 1 on E-bay, & buy a second hand mk11 without the software also from E-bay........they do come up at pretty good prices without the software occasionally............I'm sure it will sell soon :)

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    well actually I myself have always preferred the mk1, I never got on well with the jellybean/skittles light show and I like the extra knob and workflow better on the mk1. I used to have an mk2 but I sold that very quickly soon after I got it. The studio was like an unwieldy boat and never appealed to me... I've tried out the mk3 and I think it's the best version after the mk1, I think they should have went from the mk1 straight to the mk3 but for my kind of use I'd still favor the mk1....
    as far as the sale though, I don't think people shouldn't be deterred by the mk1 as it's in great condition but comes basically free since the software is really worth more than I'm asking by itself. There are a lot of people charging $125/150 for the controller on it's own with no software at all, and the software is undoubtedly worth more than the controller :)

    your bringing up the discount of other products like reaktor if you own a maschine license was a great reminder of how it's even a more no brainer deal so thanks for that as I had totally forgotten to mention that before!

  • That's useful to know! I just assumed 11 was better than 1, because it was better!! I didn't even know about 111, which i would have thought would be 11 better than 1! :D ..........but seriously, that's a great tip......hands on experience is everything with controllers. I have a Push 11, which I'm ashamed to say is not getting much use......i keep trying to make myself use it more to justify it sitting there, but i can't part with it, because it's really handy for all the different scales & the pads are's quicker to use the damn mouse :# Still i got it really cheap, so it's not sitting there losing fact weirdly, since the £ crashed, it's now worth more than i paid for it...........strange world!

  • I have a push2 as well, and we shall never part :) that's something I use everyday.

  • It's a great bit of kit......I'm a little bit in love with mine as well :D ......that's why i feel guilty for neglecting it! I blame it on the iPad,...........demanding my attention with constant updates & shiny new apps all the time............. ;)

  • I think push and the iPad are such a great combo as is everything and the iPad really, and bouncing around from one paradigm to another keeps things super fresh. when I've been at it for hours and wanna take a break, I don't take a break and just switch up the workflow instead... sleep when dead and all that :)

  • No sleep till bedtime! :D

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