A new Scythe ... Wavetable Synth ...

Pretty sure this hasn’t been posted here ...

Blurb ...
Scythe is a new wavetable synthesizer for iPad that lets you import your own sounds (using iTunes file sharing and AudioPaste) and use them for wavetable synthesis.


High quality wavetable synthesis
Inter-App-Audio for connecting straight to Logic Pro X/Ableton or other apps
Modulation control of all oscillator parameters
Global tempo control for syncing LFOs to note duration
Record, playback and export audio
Library wavetables and presets
Max waves = 48 = 3 voices * 2 oscillators * 8 unison
Dark and Light modes

US$18 ... not an impulse buy and word is the dev promised some IAA on a previous app that never materialised. I’m out as I think I have this covered.


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