Whats the best way to get Rozeta into Ableton Live?

Hi, I have Studiomux and AUM. Is there any way to get Rozeta to drive instruments in Ableton Live?


  • Mac or PC?

  • PC. Sorry I didn't mention that before

  • It’s a bit of a process to set up, or at least it was back in 2014, but it does work. As far as I know, Windows still doesn’t have built-in network MIDI handling but you should be able to use something like this: http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/rtpmidi.html

    Once it’s configured, AUM should see it as a network MIDI location. Configure Rosetta to send to it using the routing matrix. I used rtpMIDI with TouchOSC before switching to Mac and it was reliable, if not a bit fiddly.

  • I don’t mean to discourage you, but Studiomux was a pain to use. I had it working in the past, but it was still confusing. Now it doesn’t work for me to connect to my PC, so I just record the Midi from Rozeta and use AudioShare to WiFi transfer those to my PC.

  • I could never get studiomux to get it's latency low enough in windows. Ended up getting an Ica4+ for exactly this reason.

  • Do you have a MIDI interface and CCK for your iDevice ? If you do just connect midi out from that to MIDI In on your PC....then set Rozeta output to be your MIDI interface. More cables but no additional software required :)

  • I have an old Alienware laptop that I just put a few extra gigs or ram in. I can test some things out later. If it were a mac, I just now tested connecting my iPad via Bluetooth to my mac and was sending midi from several different Rozeta AUs into Ableton via bluetooth. Worked great. Maybe try Midimux, if you are just wanting to do midi stuff. it still runs the studiomux server but its a little less complicated.

    I can test a few things as well but it won't be anytime soon, like this week. Maybe I can put it on my list and get a quick video out if I can get it working by next week.

  • Thanks for the suggestions. I will try rtpMidi - I am looking at recording the MIDI and not planning to do anything 'live' so it might be workable, even with higher latency.

    I have studiomux working, so I will also try to see if setting studiomux as the destination for AUM sends MIDI from Rozeta into Ableton.

  • Does anybody know if MidiFire would be an option for BT midi between iOS and Windows?

  • @CracklePot said:
    Does anybody know if MidiFire would be an option for BT midi between iOS and Windows?

    Now there's a thought !

  • I've been doing this via IDAM on a mac, but any standard midi cable will work

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