Rozeta and Cubasis

I'm able to get Rozeta and standalone synth apps working fine in AUM, but I cannot seem to get it to work in Cubasis. The manual indicates that Cubasis does not route MIDI between tracks, so you have to configure MIDI in/out in the apps tehmselves, but I can't see how to do that with Rozeta or the built in instruments in Cubasis. Has anyone gotten this to work? Any tips on how to set it up?


  • You can’t host Rozeta in Cubasis yet. You can use AUM though. Open Rozeta in AUM and open the Midi matrix. If Cubasis is also open, it will be listed as an output. Simply route Rozeta to Cubasis. In Cubasis, select all inputs or virtual midi for the input. And be sure your track is armed in Cubasis (I always overlook that :) ).

  • Worked perfectly - thanks!!

  • No problemo. B)

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