Echo midi in to midi out

Hi, sorry for the ‘simple question’ but I thought what I want to do was trivial but I haven’t found out how yet.
I have a device called ‘studio connect’ that gives the iPad a midi in socket and a midi out socket (as well as audio but that’s irrelevent here)
The midi in is connected to a midi keyboard (obviously) and that’s all fine. As well as soft synths on the iPad I have a soft synth on my PC. What I would have liked is that the midi out can echo whatever comes into the midi in so that I can use this at the same time.
What do I need to buy to get this pseudo midi they to work? :)
Thanks in advance


  • Look for “midi thru” on your device or in the routing area of the midi routing app you are using.
    If not, try to use the midi routing in your app to create the midi in/out scenario you need. Note the midi channel you are using to send to the PC and make sure you have the KB input routed to send back out on that channel. You may have to check the midi port (named port) but it most likely set to your studio connect already, but be sure if matching the channels doesn’t work right away.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for taking the time to try and help. I’m not using any midi routing app maybe that’s my problem! :)
    I have sunrizer, and alchemy on my iPad - neither mention midi thru.
    Apps like NodeBeat or ARP Pro that are sources of midi do find there way to midi out (obviously :) )
    But I want to be able to echo my midi in (from my Gi-10) to my midi out when I want because I have a pc based soft synth.

  • I have a cheap USB to midi cable that does midi thru automatically. If your studio connect doesn’t do that, you could use Audiobus midi to input from your studio connect and output back to the studio connect, using Audiobus midi. Just make sure your midi channels are set correctly when you pick the input and output channels in Audiobus. If in doubt, try selecting All Channels for both.

  • Thanks, I’ll assume that’s part of Audiobus 3
    I only ever had Audiobus 2 installed. Will buy and give it a try.

  • In the end MidiFire did the trick (I was limited to iOS 9 as I had an old iPad)

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