Who’s making a track for 303 day? 15 17 600|] ?

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What it asks on the tin. ;)

The genre I’m producing is NOT acid but rather a crossover of two genres, but the A section has a pretty wizard 303 bassline as a part of the build-up to the B second. Should be a fun track.

What about you? Got anything you’ll be releasing March 3rd?

(“Strong Lee” is not the final title but rather something stupid Gadget picked. :lol: )


  • Challenge accepted but...
    No Chicago?

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    @ph8aerror said:
    Challenge accepted but...
    No Chicago?

    Used Troublemaker instead and imported the wav into Zurich. ;) I like Chicago, but Troublemaker has that “rubbery” feel to it that I’ve only ever heard in an authentic 303. Chicago is nice too and I often use it as a mid-bass, depending on the track.

  • I wasn't planning this, but you got me fired up! :wink:

  • Maybe later.....but for now

    And someone made it on Chicago....you can hear the difference and less rubbery sound of Chicago quite easily here....

    Might have to use this vid and then make a Trouble/Ruismaker version later tonight

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