Cubasis:Not Able To Hear AUv3 Synths While Recording @ 48khz.Help

Was laying some Poison-202 and iSem tracks and while recording, I can see the notes recording but there’s no audio playback in realtime! I have to restart Cubasis the. I play back the two midi tracks hosting the AUv3 Synths, the. They play back fine. Could someone do a quick verify?


  • Found culprit. When the track has Discord4 as insert nothing plays back while recording or after. Until restart of Cubasis. Can someone please confirm?

  • Nevermind I figured out the issue. If I recordbin Cubasis at 44.1 even at 24 bits Discord4 doesn’t disrupt sound while recording or playback. The issue is only when recording at 48khz. It’s Cubasis issue cause I could record 48khz Discord4 in AUM at 24 bits.

    @Lars is this a known issue with Cubasis? Thanks for checking.

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