Does anyone actually use Amsterdam?

In gadget that is.

I am aware that it is used in many gadget demo tunes but I can’t imagine an actual use for it in a real composition.

Do you use it much?

If it were removed from future gadget versions would that impede you (let’s say, given the same sound set as a Bilbao/ Vancouver/ Alibaba set instead?)?



  • There are some samples in Amsterdam there that are not available to the other Gadgets...

    If those samples were 'made available' to Vancouver, London, Bilbao, AbuDhabi & Receife there would be no need to use Amsterdam. One of my long standing wishes for a future Gadget update is that all sample-based Gadgets could use each others samples...

  • edited February 2018

    I’ve never used it beyond playing around with it for 10 minutes when I initially purchased gadget. I’ve yet to see a use/need for it in my compositions, especially now that there’s high quality samplers and drum machines in Gadget.

  • How’d you remember that gadget?! I forgot that one existed suffice it to say. After exploring it, it DOES have a nice collection of “impact kicks” for all your cheesy EDM desires. All it’s missing is a Pryda snare. :smirk:

  • I use it. Hell, I could use anything. Just maybe not as intended.