ElasticDrums starts delayed

Hallo, i have a problem with Audiobus3 and ElasticDrums.
I use a IPad Pro 10.5 and the latest iOS 11 Update
If i start ElasticDrums with Audiobus, ElasticDrums starts delayed and i can’t play in time with Cubasis.
So, is this a problem with Audiobus3 or ElasticDrums?
I hope somebody can help me?

Thx a lot!
Best Regarts


  • wimwim
    edited February 2018

    Is Link enabled? If so then try turning it off. It may be that ED is waiting for the sync quantum to come around while Cubasis, which doesn't support link, is not.

  • Yes, link is enabled. How could i turning it off?

  • Thx. I changed it in the Settings and now it runs

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